Finished a 9.3x62 Mannlicher style Mauser.

Good morning Made it to the range yesterday. I sighted it in with Privi factory ammo and shot from 55-300 meters, and it is a shooter. The privi shot in the 1 1/2in range groups at 100 and my 3 shot group at 300 was just a tad over 4 inches. So will be interesting to see how much better it shoots when I start tailoring loads for it. Plan on developing loads with 250gr Accubonds, 286-300gr aframes and 320 woodleighs. Solids will be CEB and hornaday. all in all very pleased with it's first range session.
Can't complain at that. Unless you have a stash of 320gn Woodleigh you may find them extremely hard to get.
@Bob Nelson 35Whelen I have 2 boxes of each soft and solid so will have to be careful with shooting them. I like many hope that woodleigh is either rebuilt or sold to a company that will restart the manufacturing. If not will have stay with the lighter 300gr Aframes.

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Here is short video of blesbok hunt from yesterday

made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!