Fallow Deer hunting in Romania

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    Fallow deer hunting in Romania

    In West of Romania, you will find a fallow buck hunter’s paradise, that must be seen to be believed. Fallow deer hunting in Romania is a must for every hunter.
    • The season for fallow deer hunting in Romania starts 1th of September and runs 15th of December.
    • Spot and Stalk hunting.
    • 100% success rate for your desire trophy.
    • Great trophy quality for fallow bucks.
    • You can combo with red stag, brown bear, roe buck, wild boar and chamois hunting.

    Fallow deer hunting in Romania
    We can offer fallow deer hunting in Romania in 2 different hunting areas, both in West of Romania. First area is a real hunter’s paradise with a huge number of bucks, some over 5 kilos and some even bigger. Large herds over few hundreds animals will be found here. It is a very challenging hunt with so many eyes on the watch. Long distance shots for fallow buck hunting are required here, especially if you target a big trophy buck. As most of the deer hunt, also for fallow deer hunting we have 2 episodes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Best time is during the rut around 10 October, the latest rut from the deer family.

    Second area is not for trophy collectors, but for those who appreciate more the experience of the hunt rather than size of the trophy on the wall. Although the average buck here is around 3 kilos, the luckiest hunters can expect even 4 kilos buks. We offer for this area an all inclusive package with a buck regardless of size for only 2000 euro and 3 hunting days with 4 nights single room accommodation during the rut time.
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    That is a wonderful looking Fallow Buck. I'll have to check y'all out.

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    Hi George,
    I'm going to make a suggestion or two for you. You may like the ideas and use them or not. A larger proportion of the hunters on this forum are from North America or Africa. There is a significant expense to get to your hunting area. I for one probably won't make that trip for a 3 day hunt for 1 animal. Now a 5-7 day hunt for 3-4 species might be more interesting. So what else can be hunted for how much?
    On the first area you make the comment that long distance shots are required. What to you is long distance? I live and hunt in the western US. Long to me is over 300 meters or so. A little more info there would be helpful.
    So if long distance shots are the norm here the next bit of required info is what has to be done to bring our own firearm? I have used outfitters rifles before and generally the triggers leave a bit to be desired, especially for long range shooting.
    Next you have no prices shown for the first area. Again we're mostly North Americans or Africans. Most of us have never hunted where we have to pay by weight of the trophy, unless its elephant ivory. So simpler is better. Maybe some good quality pics and then a price for the example shown would help us visualize. We're used to daily fees plus a fee for each animal taken or a package that is all inclusive. You'll get more interest when you address some of these questions better. I wish you success in your business and may your hunters shoot straight.
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