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Jun 15, 2015
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So this was a quick hunt we had two days to get my daughter her moose. Opening day was August 15, my daughter work till 6:30pm, we got on the road by 7:15 for a 3hr drive. We got to the gravel pit, started to take the straps off the quads when I could smell that a bearing was burnt, then the rain. We slept in the back of the truck, up at 3:30 to get the quads of the trailer and the canoe loaded. One hour ride into the lake, arrived just at day break to see nothing but fog.

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Ok, maybe not the best way to start a hunt, but that has nothing to do with how it finishes.

Ok I have zero Computer skills. Hunt was slow in the fog, a couple of cows. We did paddle around for a couple of hours then headed back to the truck so I could figure out what to do with that trailer. The trailer was more the a bearing, the hub was done. Inreach the only way to go, I got a hold of a friend with a car haulier. Got a hold of my wife, texting back and forth between everyone, my wife would bring it out after work. Back to hunting moose, after the old man( that's me) has a nap it time to go. We get out to a look out, I spot a bull up past the end of the lake, now my daughter wants to go over and get her that moose. Now if any of you have a 16 year old daughter you know how that goes. Ok it's 6:00 pm we need to drop the canoe off the bank to the lake paddle to the end walk up the river find the moose shoot the moose quarter up the moose the paddle back hike up the hill, all this before it's dark at 10:00. She just looked at me like yeah what's the hold up. Let's go, we get the canoe down to the lake, paddle up the lake, hike across to find the moose. No moose, oh well we tried. Back we go down the lake up the hill, we will leave the canoe and paddle it out in the morning. By the time we got back to the truck my wife was there with the trailer. I can't say enough good things, she got the trailer after work drove out waited for us to get back from hunting, unloaded the trailer and headed home, she got home at 1:00 in the morning and got up for work that day.
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Very cool story so far. What a great family you have! You do have to get that girl her moose ya know:A Popcorn::A Thumbs Up:
Looking forward to more!
Next day was a little slow on getting going. We get to the end of the lake where we will pull out the canoe. Off to the look out, look there's a bull moose, let's go. We drop off the hill down to the canoe and paddle across. We get in the grass, I can see the moose bedded but she can't so I back up and come around to a new angle, get settled in she is in the front with the sticks set in the mud, now just wait for the moose to stand up I'm on the Inreach sending mom that we have a moose in front of us, just waiting for it to stand up. Then I look up the moose as stood up. I look at my daughter, she is ready. Shoot, the moose goes about 40ft stops, the is water in all directions, shoot again, he goes 10ft and down.


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Very nice, congrats!
Congratulations to the whole family. That's going to some good eating.
What a little champ your daughter is! I'd say you've done a good job bringing her up.
Ok now my daughter has got a moose before and helped with her brothers moose but she wanted to know if we're going to cut up the moose, or loaded it whole? No we will cut it up. She shot her moose at 7:55 it was in the canoe by 11:00. Now down the lake, pushing in the shallow spots. To make a long story short we got home at 11:00 that night. Oh yeah the first thing my daughter said after shooting her moose was now "I don't have to eat beef this winter"



Thank for your time
Chris P
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Sounds like your daughter likes too hunt. Lucky man. You have raised her well. This will be a great experience for her. I'll bet that she has bragging rights at School. Looks like a lot of good eating. Congrats Bruce
Great job!!!
Awesome and congrats. That's the best part of being a Dad is getting to pass this legacy on and you certainly look like your doing an outstanding job.
That's pretty cool! Great job! I would have liked to see you get a whole moose in the canoe though. Thanks for posting!
Happy for both you and your daughter! Now, if you are done with that quad with the canoe on top please send it to Houston!
WOW congrats to you and your daughter!
Chris, you know that all of the Dads on AH shared that sense of pride you had with your daughter's success. Passing down the tradition is without a doubt, the most important thing we have to do. Did she take the moose with her rifle, or did the rifle become hers after she took the moose?
Congrats to your daughter sir, great stuff!
Great report! "Now I don't have to eat beef this winter" was the icing on the cake.

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