Canada bear hunt-getting back into US?

I leave tomorrow for the same trip. Current 4457 is the main concern for gun re-entry. As to bear parts, those can re-enter with you with their license/permit documentation.

You mentioned being set for Canada entry. For those wondering about that, you need the Canadian firearms form 5589 filled out but NOT signed. Do that in front of the Canadian official.
This year will be the 8th black trip to a couple of province's in Canada. The only really thing that I've run into is the number of fish per species that I was bringing back into Michigan.
They questioned and the took a look at them. No other issue with bear or anything else as long as you have your paperwork in order.
I can't imagine for what. Caribou have been off the menu for years. Lynx? Nope. It's marketable fur bearing species. Possibly wolf but I doubt it. Definitely not black bear. They are not on the CITES list. Except maybe the white ones in BC.
I knew I saw something about Cites in the regulations, so might not be needed
You need cites for wolf for sure. You used to be able to get it on the way home but the local offices no longer issue them. I applied for mine long before the hunt just in case I got a wolf. Unfortunately I only applied for 1 and ended up taking 2 wolves. I had no problems bringing one home with me but had to leave the other with a taxidermist there. Takes 30 days roughly for another permit.
Also had to get an export permit from Ontario to Manitoba where the taxidermist was.
So if anyone is going wolf hunting it's a lot cheaper to have everything in order and bring the animal with you than having to import it later.
We go bear hunting in Manitoba every year, we go on the Manitoba website print off the firearms form and pre-fill it out, when we arrive at the Peace Garden crossing in North Dakota. We tell them we have guns and are told to bring the forms only into the building, pay $25.00 per person per gun. On the way back we tell Boarder Control we were bear hunting and have bears, they then have us come inside and fill out importation form and usually check our coolers for the meat and tags. So you should always carry your firearms form with you while your firearm is with you, and know your limit of how many rounds of ammo you are allowed to cross the boarder with. We prairie dog hunt with 22LR and are allowed up to 5000 rounds, but we always check on ammo allowance every year before we leave, which is next Saturday May 18. Worst part about the hunting trip is the 21 hours of driving from SE Michigan, to Manitoba, but the bear hunting is the best I've ever seen, 16 hunters in the last 2 years 16 bears taken, 7 are going this year. Good Luck.

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