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May 11, 2024
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I have read and watched alot of videos of arrow builds for buffalo. How do yall feel about the grizzstick system? Or any other products. I'm looking for an arrow setup for an August buffalo hunt. Thank in advance
I’m 1,000 % convinced you are on the right track. The meat eater podcast with Ed Ashby changed my life. I have no experience to add on buff hunting, but that’s what I would use. Good luck
I went with the Grizzly stick system (650 gr) for elk and PG. Using Iron Will and VPA two blade single bevel. I think the heavier build (800-900 gr) with high FOC as per Dr Ashby is the way to go.

Do a search on AH member @Bowhuntr64. He posts a lot of broadhead tests and also posted a video of his Cape buffalo hunt.
I think it depends on a number of factors. With modern compound bows with increased efficiency there is more leeway than in the past, especially compared to traditional gear like Ashby tested.

I have killed a cape buff with a 800gr arrow. Took another two to finish it off. My buddy shot his with a 650 gr arrow which actually had more KE and got more penetration. We both used iron Will buff heads- very sharp and stay extremely sharp.

There is a point of diminishing returns with adding more weight to an arrow. You need actual velocity data from your bow at each weight then calculate both KE and Momentum and see for yourself where the peak performance point for your setup is.

Buy a pack of various weight field points and chart the actual fps your bow shoots at each weight. Don’t worry about tuning yet you are just trying to get the actual fps of your bow at each. When I did this after that trip about a 700gr arrow was the sweet spot for my set up. The heavier your draw weight and longer DL will have the ideal weight higher.

Of course some countries do have certain requirements for archery equipment, though I have never heard of any being enforced. But as a disclaimer be sure to follow the rules and consult with your outfitter :)

Should include the buff :)
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I've had success with the 150 grain Silver Flames several years ago. I may go back to them.. They don't rust and held up better than my Iron Will 125 wides.
Wildwilderness is correct. He gives great advice on this subject. Some brands and models of bows are more efficient than others.

get your Momentum numbers then tune to the arrow setup.

I started at 750 grains and settled on 1028 grains with a 75# bow. 27” draw. As he says, your draw length is a big factor.

I bought and tested Grizzlystiks but found that the spine was inconsistent and that impacts accuracy. So then settled on FMJ DG250s with 150 grains of brass and 250 Iron Will buff heads up front. One arrow at 25 yards and my Buffalo was bellowing soon after.

Then switched to traditional and tried the Valkyrie system. And then concerned myself with absolute perfect arrow flight.
And immediate arrow recovery after the release.

I did not want my arrow flexing as it entered the animal. So chose a stiff spine for my 49# recurve.

I want my arrows flying like a crossbow bolt. Zero flopping back and forth on the way to the target. I want all the energy focused directly behind the broadhead. I do not want the rear of the arrow trying to move laterally as it impacts. That has a huge impact on penetration.

I shot the Eland in my avatar with a 49# recurve 560 grain Valkyrie arrow system. He went 80 yds

It was the perfect stiff arrow flight that gave me great penetration.

PM me, I can loan you some different brands and spines to test if you like. If the lengths work out
I have some longer lengths also
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I have read and watched alot of videos of arrow builds for buffalo. How do yall feel about the grizzstick system? Or any other products. I'm looking for an arrow setup for an August buffalo hunt. Thank in advance

Grizzlystiks are a great choice for Cape buffalo. They are expensive, but when you weigh the expense against all the variables that go into a buffalo hunt like the personal risks involved, and the cost of the hunt itself, making sure you have the best equipment for the job is quite justifiable at any cost.

There are other arrow shaft options you can consider that will also get the job done for you including Easton FMJ's and Bishop Archery which now makes both arrow shafts and broadheads for Cape buffalo. I would also recommend taking a look at the attached links which have some good information on the subject that cover the physics of why heavy overall shafts with big FOC's and 2-blade broadhead styles are the best performers. Good luck to you on your hunt!

I used 250 grain iron wills and a 700 gr grizzly stick. Shooting a 80lb Hoyt. The Buff went about 60 yards with a double lung shot. The only issue I had with the grizzly sticks was some of the weighted inserts coming lose. A little loc-tite fixed the issue.


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