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    Bow hunt Cape Buffalo Cow and Plains Game with Infinito Safaris 2010

    Trophy Fee Dangerous Game

    Due to the fact that the currencies are never consistent I will give you a price for the Buffalo Cow in South African Rand. This is to ensure that if the currencies change after we have quoted that the trophy fee stay fixed in the local currency.

    Cape Buffalo Cow = R30 000.00

    Day Rates Dangerous Game

    We have a fixed price when hunting dangerous game. This day rate will be a fixed price for 5 days of hunting the Cape Buffalo Cow.

    Day Rates = $550.00 US per day per hunter for 5 days.

    Trophy Fee Plains Game

    Our Trophy Fee for plains game for 2010 are as follows:

    Our plains game bow hunting concessions are bow hunting only.

    Trophy Animals US $

    Vervet Monkey 250.00
    Baboon 250.00
    Jackal - black backed 250.00
    Warthog 350.00
    Impala 350.00
    Duiker common 400.00
    Steenbok 400.00
    Blesbuck - Brown 400.00
    Mountain Reedbuck 550.00
    Caracal/Lynx 550.00
    Bushpig * 650.00
    Springbuck 700.00
    Ostrich 700.00
    Blesbuck - White 750.00
    Bushbuck - Limpopo 1000.00
    Blue Wildebeest 1150.00
    Klipspringer 1250.00
    Red Hartebeest 1250.00
    Gemsbuck/Oryx 1300.00
    Black Wildebeest 1300.00
    Zebra 1450.00
    Waterbuck 1750.00
    Eland 1950.00
    Greater Kudu 1950.00
    Greater Kudu >= 60" 2700.00
    Nyala 2450.00
    Tsesebe 2450.00
    Giraffe 2850.00
    Sable Antelope POR
    Roan Antelope POR
    Cape Buffalo POR

    * Bushpig if encountered by chance normal trophy fee if baited and hunted specifically we will charge a higher rate for first pig every pig thereafter will be cheaper.

    Daily Rates Plains Game

    We are willing to offer you a 5 day rate for plains game of $300.00 US per day for 1 x hunter and 1 x PH . We strongly suggest that you book a minimum of 5 hunting days to allow you enough time to hunt for the specific animals on your wish list.

    To conclude

    1 x Cape Buff Cow = R30 000.00

    5 days Dangerous Game Daily Rates = $550.00 US per day per hunter

    5 days Plains Game Daily Rates = $300.00 US per day per hunter.

    Plains Game Trophy Rates as indicated and hunted.

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