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    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can possibly find a buffalo still on quota for Botswana? Im mainly wanting to hunt where I can have an excellent chance at taking a giant buffalo open concession. I will be in the ng42 block hunting elephant September 1-16 this year and Tony Makris of course has all the plains game quota bought out from Johan Calitz. Im still looking to take my first buff and figured someone on here might know if jeff rann safaris has a buff on quota or anyone else has one where their numbers are large and the bulls are larger. Im not looking for a high fenced buffalo hunt Im looking for the ch and ng blocks. Thanks for any help you guys may or may not have.

    Hey marty, if I don't find one I'm definitely gonna need you to hook me up next year when I come. Things are looking very promising for our safari next year. Just start scouting for my bull this year if you don't mind. hahahaha.

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