Bday Sturgeon for dad

Great job on all of you getting that gift for your dad. I'm sure that was tough being the guy that 'had' to tag along on the trip.;) I'm sure the memories for your dad will be even more than some beautiful monster fish.
I love hunting, guiding and fishing. It has always been a dream of mine to go on a Sturgeon fishing trip. Who knows someday...

Many thanks for sharing!
BUCKET LIST ! for sure ! Thanks .
I used to go Sturgeon fishing with my Dad and Grandfather. Sadly they are both gone, your story brought back old memories. Thanks for sharing. For those of you that haven't tried it, smaller sturgeon make great table fare.
Would of been not 5 mins from our place here. We're right on the Fraser river and have sturgeon holes right off the property. Lots of guides and fishermen for 10 miles up and down river. World class fishing!
You are definitely lucky to have a fishery like that so close to home. I am in a similar situation with a world class channel cat fishery close by. Not that close though.
Awesome trip! I need to do this. I had Sturgeon on the bucket list and took it off and now I'm thinking I need to add it back on. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to your dad for fighting it the whole way!

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in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well
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is the 505 gibbs still for sell? Thanks!
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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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If those Schells rings fare still available, I could use them. I'm willing to pay for the shipping.
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