Barnes TSX or not

Your bullet might have done the job, but a faster expanding bullet like Partition or Accubond could've sealed the deal more quickly.
Completely agree. For 2025 I am using Partitions for my leopard. Lesson learned. My cat mentor and very good friend @Hunter-Habib put me on to the Partitions for cats so that is what I will be using from now own
For a lion I think a Nosler Partition, Trophy Bonded Bearclaw, Nosler Accubond and similar bullets are best for lions. I’ve only shot 1 lion & 3 leopards and used a Nosler Partition for 1 leopard and Trophy Bonded Bearclaws for the lion and 2 other leopards. They all died very quickly, very near where they were shot. Tougher bullets including the mono metals certainly work, but I don’t think are as consistently excellent on dangerous cats. Swift A Frame are tougher bullets than Partitions or Bearclaws, which is why I’d prefer the Bearclaw For either cat.

If I ever hunt another lion,( and I’d like to take one more lion) it’ll be with my .375 H&H shooting a 300 grain Bearclaw; which I think is about as close to perfect combo as you could get for a lion.
I wouldn't have a problem using Barnes on a lion. But, I would use a lighter bullet.

I use a 300gr TSX in my 416 at just over 2700fps.
I would say not. Pick quick expanding designs like a frame, tbbc, nobler partition and accubond . However a 375 calibre hole through the vitals will kill a lion pretty quick. A small difference in expansion is probably not going to change the outcome. However an accurate shot will decide the outcome so practise lots.
Absolute great bullet, also for cats, contrary to what some may say.
Absolute great bullet, also for cats, contrary to what some may say.
After using TSX bullets in multiple calibers on several Africa, Alaska, Asia trips - that is all I use on everything.
However, using a borrowed gun in 9.3x62, I used a soft nosed HSM bullet on a lion. It worked.
I took my lion with Barnes 300 grain TSX, worked very well. I am a huge Barnes fan, but I do feel there are better choices for thin skinned game than Barnes.
I took my lion with Barnes 300 grain TSX, worked very well. I am a huge Barnes fan, but I do feel there are better choices for thin skinned game than Barnes.
I have pretty much swapped all of my hunting bullets over to Barnes as I run out of the cup and core ones.

I have taken a number of mule deer, elk, a bear, and all of my plains game animals with one. I have yet to recover a bullet and most were one shot kills, except for those who decided to stand up long enough for me to work the rifle action and get one or two more shots into them.

The one bullet that has been recovered was on a bull elk at a little over 400 yards. I lent my rifle and ammo to my brother in law and he hit the elk with the first shot at a close range only to have that elk do what elk do and leave the area. One of the extra shots hit that elk in the head and angled down along his nose coming to a rest just above the front lower jaw. Other than that all shots that have ranged from 50 yards out to over 600 have been complete pass through shots.
just got 100 .358 180 TTSX from Midway last week.
I've never hunted or shot a big cat so my opinion means nothing but when highly experienced hunters like @Hunter-Habib and @IvW say avoid the TSX for cats I'd listen and use something else.
I was in a hurry mode about six weeks ago. I finally got my 458 win double rifle back from the gunsmith getting scope mounts installed. So I grabbed some 325 grain FTX off the shelf and loaded them while waiting for Barnes to arrive from midway. They shot great so I called my pH and ask his opinion of shooting kudu and zebra with FTX. He said they were for leopard not kudu. So I’m no expert, but I do see he believes soft bullets are for cats and strong bullets are for kudu. As fyi, the Barnes did a great job on a kudu.
Another vote for the accubond 260 gr, shot my lion with it no issues, also croc on same safari. That same bullet has also dropped a leopard, moose, grizzly and elk.

Worked well so I have no need to change.

My experience with Barnes is that impact velocity should be 2200 or more. They say the bullet work at lower velocities, but that's not been my experience.

Overall I still like Nosler Partitions better.
Hey guys,
I am going to Botswana for elephant and SA for lion . My question is, would a Barnes 270 or 300 gr TSX bullet be a good choice for lion. I have heard the Barnes X bullet is to hard and does not open up well on a lion, so I am wondering what you guys think about the Barnes TSX, they are a little softer than the X bullet. I think they would be perfect but I have never been to Africa.
Also, I am told that a yellow fever shot is recomended for Botswana. I hate to take vaccines, what do you guys say take it or not. Do you know what the side effects are.
Thanks guys
I've hunted with Barnes TSX in something like 6 calibers now and highly recommend it. For lion I would probably go with Accubond or A Frame. I took my lion with 300g Accubond. I took a leopard last year with 180g Swift Scirroco. You definitely want the right bullet for the animal!
From what I remember yellow fever is only required for Zambia but things change from time to time.
I got my yellow fever shot in 2016 before going to CAR and it’s valid for 10 years. No side effects. I was told I will need it for my 2025 safari in Cameroon as well. I also got rabies shots because my doctor recommended it for being around the hunting dogs used in the forest.

In 2021 in Botswana, I was asked at immigration if I had traveled through any other countries where yellow fever is found. I had not so no problem and also told them that I had the vaccination anyway. The officer did not ask to see my vaccination card after I answered that I had not recently traveled to a yellow fever country.

Always double check with your outfitter is my advice.
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I shot Barnes TSX in 308 Win. Wildebeest, Zebra, Warthog all had reliable expansion, nice big exit hole. Impala straight on shot bullet lodged at tail bone the tip expanded just a little. It was a dead Impala.
1. Ask your PH. He will have a preference.
2. If he says, any of the following - AFrame, TSX, TBBC, Solid, Woodleigh - go with what you like.
3. I use Barnes TSX on everything and have taken 100+ games animals with it. I have not tried it on elephant, but have taken leopard, buff, eland and many others. I used a soft point on lion as I used a camp gun.

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