ARGENTINA: Another Incredible Adventure With Pointer Outfitters

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I wanted to take a minute to share some details about our most recent trip to Argentina to help thin out the dove population as usual, yet as a bonus we were kicking the trip off duck hunting just outside of Buenos Aires (BA). This would be my wife, Dana, and I’s third trip to the great country of Argentina for wingshooting, although we were looking forward to it just as much as the first time. Like I said in my report last year, if you enjoy shooting a shotgun, or hell if you just enjoy shooting/hunting in general you need to go see the dove fly in Argentina at least once in your life. If the good Lord’s willing, my wife and I will be making it down every year until we’re too feeble to do it!

This year we flew direct from Dallas to BA which was nice, it wasn’t the cheapest option but it was effortless and worked out best on arrival to guarantee we would get an afternoon hunt in. We’ve flown a few different options both arriving and departing, but this direct is definitely the simplest option. Just be aware when booking flights that there’s 2 airports in BA, so make sure you’ve got time between connections if you must change aiports. We used @Travel Express and highly recommend their services.

We arrived in BA around 7:45 AM, made our way thru customs and into the pick-up area where we were immediately met by Rene, one of the great field assistants from Pointer Outfitters, what a great feeling when you’re 5,000 miles from home and see someone there to greet you.

We load our luggage into the Toyota and head towards the lodge. We would be staying at the Las Rosas lodge near the town of Las Flores. It was a very nice lodge with absolutely amazing service and food. After settling in our room, we were treated to the the first of many amazing lunches/dinners. Short lounge time in the lodge and then off to shoot ducks in a flooded wheat/corn field. We met a couple guys, Tom and Justin, that happened to be on the flight out of Dallas, and quickly determined that we’d all be hunting as Las Rosas together as well as Cordoba and that another friend of their's, Patsy, would be joining. You never really know what to expect when sharing a lodge with strangers, but Dana and I couldn’t have asked for a better group. We absolutely enjoyed every second of our time with our new friends. We went to bed each night with our sides hurting from laughter. We also shared our lodge in Cordoba with a group out of Houston who were also a great pleasure to be around.

I won’t bore everyone with an everyday play by play, but to sum it up my wife and I took 200 ducks over the course of 4 hunts, including at least 9 different species and never hunted the same blind twice. We left Las Rosas, took a quick flight to Cordoba, and arrived at Pointer’s Aqua Las Piedras lodge in the town of Totoral just after sundown.

In Cordoba, over the course of 4 days we took 4,100+ dove in addition to bonus pigeons and parakeets, myself with a 81% hit ratio and my wife with a 71%. One day we decided to go for 1,000 birds each (most expensive T-shirts I own, but she's gotta have one every year!) and accomplished this in about 5 hours of shooting.

As always the food & drink was absolutely incredible, both at the lodge and in the field. Every employee of Pointer you encounter has a desire to please, and leaves you with the impression they truly enjoy their job. The bird boys were great, the field managers, the chefs, just everyone. And it's very special getting to see the same faces year after year.

Overall it was just an absolutely incredible experience, one I wish everyone that likes to shoot birds could experience at least once. You can watch all the videos and look at all the pictures, but until you see it firsthand you can’t comprehend it. All the outfitters in the Cordoba area have birds I’m sure, but Pointer’s attention to detail is without question outstanding. Every single detail was thought out and executed perfectly. Pablo who runs Pointer Wingshooting goes out of his way to make sure everyone is 100% satisfied. Anything you want or need, he or someone working for him does their very best to make it happen no matter how big or small. I’m an easy to please kind of guy, and even I could notice how hard they tried to ensure everyone had a trip of a lifetime. We’ve already booked for a return trip in 2019 with a big group of friends.

If anyone has any questions about dove hunting Argentina PM me and I can give you all the knowledge I’ve acquired on the subject, and can get you hooked up with the right people to ensure you have an exceptional time.

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That is a pricey T-shirt.
Congratulations on some good shooting.
Sounds like a great time. Your hit ratio is excellent. Congrats
Ross - Glad you had another awesome trip. Agreed, Argentina is amazing and if you like to fish then you should try to squeeze that in next time. Thanks for sharing your trip!
I can not find anything on the website regarding cost?


Shoot Wayne Graham an email he's their main US contact, he'd be glad to get you a quote. All depends on how long long you want to stay, what lodge you you stay in, and what you want to do.

Great report..............all I can say is, "me too, me too!" I wanna go! I have been on a number of bird shoots in South America, and never had a bad one. But it is nice to see a little different locale and operation, and this looks like a fun one. I will send off a couple of PM's............thanks for the post...................FWB
Congrats on the hunt and thanks for sharing!
Awesome! 81% and 71%! Amazing! Sounds like a grand future for you two!
Thanks for sharing!
It’s nice to see a hunting couple. Congrats on a great trip!

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