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Jul 26, 2013
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Good afternoon

Last year @mdwest posted a beautiful Elephant painting that was painted by Anet Kruger in South Africa. I called Dave and we talked about the painting and costs and what lead him and his wife to have the painting done. Based on his advice I contacted Anet and commissioned her to do two 16x20 paintings for me to give to my wife as a Birthday present. Anet was a pleasure to work with and kept me updated from concept of the paintings to shipping. I finally had time to make frames for them. What I am most impressed with is the life like eyes on the leopard. Speak to most any artist and they say eyes are the hardest to do and she nailed them. anyone considering having a painting done you should consider her for the work.

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Love it!

We’re headed back over in July… Anet is working on a large piece for us… it’s about 5’ wide x 3’ tall… a herd of sable running across a field… we’re super excited to get to see it and have Anet do the unveiling for us while we’re there…

I said it in the other thread about Anet… not only is she an incredible artist that does wonderful work at extremely reasonable prices (about 1/4 of work I see at DSC every year from artists with similar experience and pedigrees)… but she is simply a wonderful person… full of joy and happiness… kind… and simply great to work with and spend time around…

When we get our sable I’ll make sure to post it up…

If anyone wants Anet’s contact info I’m happy to provide..

I commissioned a charcoal drawing of a picture I took on Safari in Zimbabwe from her.
Will commission at least one more with buffalo after our fall safari to MOZ.
Jenni and I have commissioned her to do sable bulls at a pan. Jenni had a picture she took during our trip and think it will make for an awesome painting. Hope to get it when we are in SA this October.
I reached out to Anet this morning to tell her we were all talking about her lol...

She told me she just wrapped up our sable painting and that she'll have it ready to unveil for us when we arrive in about 4 weeks...

I am pumped up... I might be more excited about this than I am about the buff cow and black wildebeest hunts we're planning :)
A reminder for those interested in Anets work, but maybe not in the market for an original oil or charcoal, etc..

She's done a series of African animals that have been made into limited edition, signed and numbered prints that are stunningly beautiful.. several members here have bought them and included them in their trophy rooms, etc.. they are, like her original art, priced WAY lower than what you'd expect..

We've got all of the "Big 5" framed up nicely and put in a place in our Game Room upstairs.. I'm traveling this week or I'd take a pic and post it up (will try to get around to that when I get back home on Wednesday)...

you can see/purchase the limited edition prints here:

thread about the prints is here:


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