Africa 2021 Season...what are your thoughts/predictions??

Leaving for Limpopo at the end of June, DFW to London then on to J'Burg. Only thing I'm worried about is the news about international travelers coming into the US from South Africa and whether US citizens will be subject to quarantine. I've had both Covid vaccinations (that's another story I will post about) so I hope that will make a difference in getting into and out of SA and back into the US.
No quarantine yet but need a test to get there and again to get home irregardless of vaccinations.
Flights (mostly availability but also price) and quarantine requirement when returning makes planning for 2021 difficult. I will by a nice o/u and shoot clay this sommer..
Thing is that everyone has to be on board.

First of all, your outfitter needs to be still in business.
With the slam that was put on the market, who knows.
We haven't heard from our outfitter in almost a year.

Second is logistics and are they ready.
Airlines, different countries, vaccine/no vaccine...etc.

Mrs BeeMaa and I are talking honestly about alternate plans for 2022.
Nothing big planned for this year, but we are still hopeful for Africa.
We will see how it works out, but there is just no telling at this point.
Glass half-full, but be prepared for the glass half-empty as well.
I just got my second vaccination and I am hoping to go at some point myself.

I bet that there will be great deals to be had by summer
No quarantine yet but need a test to get there and again to get home irregardless of vaccinations.
I thought you were wrong when I read this but appears you are correct. I searched several articles and it went from mandatory to recommended pretty quickly. Biden probably already forgot about things he signed on day 1 anyway.
Well for us Canadians it's not very good. Lost two trips last year and now have lost the March trip this year. Scheduled to leave early June this year. Combined 2 trips and added a couple of days hunting. BUT currently our BOY Prince has us pretty much locked down. PCR test to leave Canada, no biggie. But on return we need a PCR test 72hrs be fore return and another PCR test when we arrive and then off to a Covid Hotel for 3 days at a cost of $2000.00 plus then if you test negative you must isolate at home for the balance of your 14 day quarantine. If you should test positive the you are sent to a Covid detention centre (JAIL) until you get a negative test. Things are changing daily but the Prime Monster has no clue what he is doing.
Planning to go to RSA in September, still a long time ahead so will see how it develops.

Will get vaccinated in the meantime.
Nothing planned yet but hoping things settle over the summer and I can get a hunt in late september or october.
Do not take any of this as fact as things seem to change from day to day.
1. I believe Qatar is flying into Harare.
2. I believe Ethiopia Air is flying into Harare.
3. I believe Namibia Air has just stopped flying at least to Zim?
4. Fast Jet is flying Harare to Victoria Falls. Fast Jet does not fly everyday.

Monday the 15th February the President will make an announcement concerning our current lockdown.

As a Safari company we are still fully operational just holding off (until we know what is going on) on offering some great hunts at reasonable prices.

No one has mentioned the rains in Zimbabwe this year in our concession we have had close to a meter of rain. Our concession roads are a mess, almost as bad as the govt. paved roads!
We'll be trying to get to S-A in June for 2 weeks. Flying with Qatar.
And if any deals come up later in the year or next year, I might even try to go alone.
Just curious ScottCWO why would you dislike my post?
Received my first covid vaccine today. Will receive #2 in just over two weeks. Then can start seriously looking at returning to S.A. in the Sept timeframe. No promises though, especially with covid tests and quarantine rules still in total chaos. From reading my Canadian friends posts, it appears they have it worse than we Americans do!
Flying to JBerg from Atlanta Delta direct first week in July
Joe Biden promised we could all get together to BBQ by July 4th.... So.. It looks like my July 16th trip to SA should be good to go! lol...

Im not 100% counting on anything this year... Politicians are going to politic.. and we have far more idiots sitting on capitol hill now than we have in a long time..

But.. until the US, SA, or Qatar Airlines tell me I cant go... Im planning on being there..
I plan on leaving May 28th for South Africa. Only things that will prevent it is if USA or South Africa are in lockdown, airlines are not flying, I am in hospital or dead. Otherwise nothing is stopping me from going!

you just stay away from my blue wildebeest and we'll be fine... :D
Well we would be in agreement then.
Your earlier post was spot on. Our Dictator is going out of his way to control us. He just added new hotels to the numbers for our return. So hope of this stopping before June departure just got less, yes must have paid hotel and approved isolation plan for return prior to leaving. Not looking good for our already one year summer postponed hunt. Cant see us returning to a $6000 min hotel fee. There are 3 of us going, I am only shooter but crazy returning home kick in the junk. One update email/coms in a year from outfitter also somewhat concerning.


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