30-06 recoil vs 300win mag.

I've said it before and I'll say it again with no disrespect to the .30-06, but if you want 2900fps out of a 180gr .308 bullet, buy the .300WM. It was designed to achieve that velocity safely and easily.

As far as recoil goes, I've found a great way to acclimate yourself to the .300WM. But a .416 Rigby and put a hundred rounds or so through it. After doing this the .300WM will feel like a .243! :cool:

Wise advice!
Everyone i know with a 300 mag says it kicks like a mule.
As a matter of fact i would rather shoot my .375 H&H than my friends .300 mag. The .300 delivers a very sharp blow where the.375 is more of a big shove.
Being small framed myself i would much rather shoot the 30-06. I have learned to shoot bigger guns but dont realy enjoy it. In the long run for the average person will be better off wit
Hey everyone

I really need some advice. I'm thinking of purchasing a winchester model 70 sporter in 30-06. I can handle the recoil of a 270 pretty well. However I was thinking that a 300win mag might be better in the long run. So here's my conundrum! I weigh 60kg(15 years old) and have an average/smaller frame. So is the recoil of the 300win gonna hurt me a bit(and mess up my shooting) compared to a 30-06, and if the answer is yes, could I use very light(say 150) premium bullets(barnes ttsx) to combat the recoil.
Thanks guys for your invaluable help
I think every hunter should own a .30-06, it may be the most versatile hunting cartridge in the world. It is suitable for most medium game. Now having said that, I do think that the .300 Win Mag with 200 gr bullets is a bit more effective on bigger or tougher animals than the .30-06 is with.lighter bullets. It is also better at ranges past about 250 meters.

If I were 15 again, I think I would opt for the .30-06, especially if recoil worries you. No.matter which rifle you settle on, make sure the stock fits you. Hold it snug into your shoulder and you will be able to handle it.

Best of luck to.you Christian!

That kid is 26 ish now. I wonder what he chose and how he likes it and what other hunting choices and successes he has made since then. . .
I’ve taken a .300 wm and a .30-06 and a .375 to africa and loved them all!
Thanks everyone for your time and help
I am definitly gonna get the 30-06. If the 300win only really outperforms the 30-06 at ranges over 300m( which I really don't intend on shooting) plus the added recoil and noise which will make it unpleasant to shoot, the 30-06 seems the way to go,especially with the barnes TTSX!
Thanks again for helping me with some big decisions, appreciate it hugely.
Just another two questions about a 30-06. Compared to a 270, is the recoil more a push or a sort of sharp hit? And would the leupold vx2 or vx3 be a good scope to use?
Regards Christian
You have made a good choice in a 30'06 and as to a scope a Leupold is always a good choice. Most of my rifles wear Leupold and most are either 2x7s or 1 1/2x 5. Good optics, tough as nails and they look good too! Good hunting whatever your choice is!
There is a bit of difference if you shoot 180g bullets, but not much. I load my 270 to 3000 fps with a 150g Partitions. It kicks as much as a 30-06 but has the same performance as 7mm Rem mag 150g using factory ammo from a Rem BDL with a 22" barrel.

If whatever caliber you choose feels like a bit too much for you, get a 1/2 inch or 1 inch gel pad and use it from the bench. If you are shooting an animal, you won't feel it anyway. Any time I shoot a big rifle, .375 or .404, from the bench, I use a 1 inch Gel pad. With my .416 Rigby, I only shoot it standing up or on sticks.

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