30-06: 168gr vs 180gr TTSX for PG?

If your hunt is in the bushveld then u inevitably will be shooting shorter distances and then 180gr is great
30-06 is more than enough for those animals
We have shot 1000,s of animals with 30-06 180gr ttsx setups to great effect
Between the two weights I'd say it's a " half dozen of one, six of the other" situation.

From experience 168s aren't light for any of those mentioned. Gemsbok was the first, zebra the fifth of eight animals I took with them in Namibia. I shot my zebra quartering towards me breaking the front leg and it still expanded properly and passed completely through the vitals. We found the bullet just under the skin.
Agreed, 168 vs. 180 can appear to be ‘splitting hairs’ on the corner bar stool & especially when the comparison is between two/2 Barnes bullets of identical construction/design …

Across my trips I’ve taken 4/Zebra, 4/Oryx, & 2/Blue Wildebeest & only one/1 each w/ ‘06 matched w/ 180-TTSX, no longer 225M & w/ great success before I jumped to .300WM. I’ve also been a victim (correct wording) in having to spend hours tracking a wounded trophy from the above list because, a group member choose a lighter/faster round & out at distance w/ odd shot angles on the thicker trophies - just didn’t perform.

Embedded in the original question, “Am I going to be at much of a disadvantage on PG using 30-06 w/ heavier 180s? Shooting to 300yards.”

Barnes TTSX feet per second @300yards: 168 = 2288 & 180 = 2215.

Happy Trails.
Have my first Africa and first PG hunt this summer. Largest animals will be Sable & Kudu. I've only been about to find Vor-Tx 30-06 ammo with the 180gr TTSX in stock and have been practicing with that. Although I've seen multiple mentions of using the 168gr loaded ammo, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Well, I did find 1-2 places charging nearly 2x the price of the 180s. Am I going to be at much of a disadvantage on PG using the 30-06 with the heavier 180s? I'm expecting all shots will all be within 300 yards.
6 of one half a dozen of the other.
Why pay double the price for 168s when you can get 180s a lot cheaper.
The TTSX are designed to open easier so the 180s will or well, just don't expect to recover to many.
Enjoy your hunt, shoot straight and listen to your PH and you will be fine.
I would not advise Nosler Partition for Africa. So if we take the out then what? Heavier bullets are certainly more accurate for one and if they retain their weight as they should then why are they not better? I am not married to any bullet weight and like you have gone down in some cases.
@phillip Glass
I have the same philosophy. My son loaded 140gr outer edge monos at close to 3,000fps in his 308. The devastation they caused to zebra and other game had to be seen to be believed. He also used 150gn accubonds in his 08 at 2,900fps and had no problems at all. The new ideas with lighter better bullets sure worked well for him. I could have left the Whelen at home and used his rifle. The game would have been just as dead. But I'm old fashioned go big or go home.

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