work wanted with a Safari outfitter.

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    I am a 27 year old Male from Victoria in Australia.

    A mate and I would like to get jobs with a hunting safari outfitter in Africa. We are not that fussed about what we would be doing. We are both very hard workers and love hunting/shooting/camping/outdoors etc. We have both done a lot of hunting of sambar deer, fallow deer, pigs etc. We are both from farms in Victoria. We basically want to come to Africa, work hard and be involved in the day to day activities on a safari hunting camp – and maybe the odd hunt of course!! Haha. We are not fussed about pay, really, we just want to gain life experiences and get as better understanding of africa and its animals. It has been a dream to work in Africa. We both have driver license, shooting license , Passports etc etc. We are both very competent in the safe use and care of rifles and shotguns, 4wd use, camping etc.

    My wife and his girlfriend are both large animal vets and will also be looking for work. My wife has worked in Tanzania before. If anyone could shed some light as to how to go about finding a job along these lines or if you know of anything or who to contact, that would be much appreciated.

    Dougal Speirs
    Mob. 0437653338

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