Why not 30-06 paired with .416?

We used to do some pretty high volume dove shooting around here and it didn’t take very long to switch from 12ga back to 20ga. With loads how they are now, there’s really not that much difference and with high volume shooting I’m not going to take the pounding on my shoulder if I don’t have to.

I wish we could hunt dove around here. We have quite a few and I love jalapeno dove poppers.... with cream cheese.....wrapped in bacon...grilled to perfection...:cry:
My 375HH goes with me every time and I take a lighter rifle for pg. Usually, I end up using just the 375 for everything. With Barnes 235 g TSX I'm good out to 300 yards plus and I have Barnes 350 g TSX for dg.
I wish we could hunt dove around here. We have quite a few and I love jalapeno dove poppers.... with cream cheese.....wrapped in bacon...grilled to perfection...:cry:

Won’t try to derail this thread much more but we’d do them like that and always used them in place of chicken in chicken bog too. Dang good eating.
The 06 and a 416 is a great pairing, personally I would swap out the 06 for a 35 Whelen.
i was thinking the other way around, if you have a 375 then why bring a 30-06? a 375 H&H loaded with a 235gr Barnes TSX or a 250gr Barnes TTSX would be suitable for everything from impala to cape buffalo at ranges out to 300 yards. the only time a 30-06 would be better is if you plan on trying some shots over 300 yards.

the 416 is suitable for all game out to around 200 yards which is about the distance most game is shot at any way. i use a 300gr .416" TSX at 2700fps from a 416 RM and have used it on plains game with plenty of success at distances out to 150 yards (as a habit i try to get closer when possible regardless of the cartridge). the warthog in my avatar was shot at around 140 or so yards with this load (thats a 416 RM on his nose).

the only limiting factor with the 375 and 416 is the poor BC of the lighter bullets. but i dont see this as limiting enough to justify bringing a second similar gun unless you know your going to be making plenty of long shots. a better two gun combo would be something like a 375 H&H and a 458 Lott or my personal two gun combination of a Win M70 in 416 RM paired with a Heym M89 in 500 NE. the advantage of these combinations is that if something happens to your heavy rifle then you can use the medium bore rifle in its place where as if you have a 30-06 and a 375 and something happens to the 375, you cannot legally use the 30-06 in its place.

You can use a .375 on a raccoon, but a .22 is much better suited.

You make point about what if something happens to your .416 if you are on a combo plains dg hunt.
What happens if your rifle case does not make it?

I feel the practice of useing rifles suitable for DG on everything is an artificial situation brought about by gun laws basically everywhere but the United States.
I have read about various pairings of calibers and they say that the 30-06 & 375 is a classic pairing. Why would it not make more sense to pair a 30-06 & .416? It seems to me anything that 'should' not be hunted with a 30-06 is well suited for a .416. And with the .416 you also are covered for animals that 'should' not be hunted with the 375. 'Should' here indicating the caliber is considered marginal by most.

I'm sure there is a really sound reason for the classic pairings and many of you guys are the experts.
Sure if buffalo, hippo, or elephant are on the menu. Great pairing as far as I’m concerned. Just depends on what you are going after.

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