What to carry

Take your own binos. You will use them more than you think. Sight seeing as well as hunting
^^ Great Advice ^^ For the first dozen or so safaris I went on I never took bino's, then over the last few I have, and wow, they are very handy. On my most recent hunt last week I honestly do not think I would have ever gotten on the right animal with the guide had I not had them. I carry Diamondback 8x32 binos on a cheap vortex type of chest carrier that makes them very easy to carry.
On my first safari, to Zim, I took a pair of Zeiss 8x20‘s that fold up to fit in a shirt pocket, as well as a pair of 10x30 Swarovski. My PH told me to leave the larger binos on the truck and just carry the minis. He said “you concentrate on shooting, I’ll judge the game”. Worked great. I did the same on the second hunt.
As far as range finders, I think it depends on where you’re going to hunt. Open country, take one. Brush country, it’s just extra weight and you probably won’t have time to use it anyway.
I took binoculars and carried then like my PH carried his, slung like a messenger bag and bouncing off my left hip. I had a cartridge belt and coat I picked up at Safari Outdoors in Joberg. My coat had went missing from my checked luggage, probably in Atlanta. I wished I had brought a leatherman but my PH had one. I did have a daypack with hat and basic first aid kit and sunscreen.

I wish I had taken a very good camera. The cell phone sufficed.
A small LED flashlight. Single AA size with clip works for me and goes in a cargo pocket. Same as EDC at home.
I've used the the Rick Young bino harness and prefer it for "under arm" carry on my two SA trips, plus for birdwatching, in that fashion. Binoculars used were Zeiss Victory 8x32 and Conquest 8x42, good with both. Use them until it's time to set up on the shooting sticks.
Besides my binos, I carried a spare loaded rifle mag, cell phone for pics, small notepad and pen for notes, a Gerber or Leatherman multitool (great for removing spiny cactus pads)and occasionally a bottle of water in my cargo pants. And a zip lock baggie with TP or wet wipes, "just in case". In the truck had a small bag with glass cleaning kit, smokeless tobacco, chewing gum, ibuprofen and allergy medicine, etc.
I think you’ll figure out what you’d like to carry after about 1 day. The only African trip I felt I needed binoculars away from the truck was eastern cape, everywhere else in Africa has been same for me, cell phone in one pocket for photos and emergency light, shell holder with a few extra rounds in the other pocket. The tracker will carry your water. I’ll carry my own gun to be ready all times. Everything else is just extra weight. In the truck I will have a small backpack with headache pills, chapstick, extra sunscreen, possibly a change of clothes, anything else that may be useful away from camp.
I always take binoculars, Leica Geo I’d 10x42s, but on my last hunt in western Tanzania I found myself leaving them in the truck s we were doing a fair bit of walking and I sure as hell didn’t need range finding binoculars when buffalo hunting. They’re going with me again this August, but so are a pair of compact Leica’s that I’ll barely know are around my neck.

One thing I haven’t noticed to be mentioned much is a very high quality flashlight or headlamp. I take both, but leave one in the truck and one with me. Felix lights are excellent.
Rangefinder, knife, binos, rope, firestarter....everything that would normally be on my belt or in my day pack when I am hunting at home stayed in the vehicle when we set out. I just figured out after the first day that my PH had it covered. I carried a few extra rounds, water and my camea. I like pictures other than the staged trophy shots. I am taking a lot less gear with me on my next Africa hunt.
Absolute newbie here. Making plans to go on my first African hunting trip ever and looking for advice from those that are more seasoned than I. I know the PH typically carries binos/range finder. Should I? I see the advantage of having my own binos, but I also see the advantage of having my hands free. Is there anything that should be on my person that I might not think about?
Thanks to everybody for their help. I am very grateful for this open and sharing community!
binos- on chest strap rig

In small camel back backpack or belt
-water ( with electrolyte tabs)
-protein bar
-knife or multi tool
-extra ammo
-tiny bottle of water purification tabs- because you never know how far you may walk and they weigh very little.
-small flashlight
-toilet paper
-garmin inreach mini
Best is to speak to your PH or outfitter. The terrain and style of hunting would determine your needs.

In most instances I would advise a binoculars at least on the hunting vehicle. As PH I like my hunter to have a good look at the animal before taking it. That way he's clued up and I'm sure he likes it. Of course there's not always time for that, but it helps to have the option.

Your PH will probably have a rangefinder if the hunting conditions typically requires one. But if you're a gadget guy, feel free to take yours along. This is pretty much true for most equipment.

Enjoy your planning, it's part of the fun!
To me if I am not packing a pair of binoculars and depending on someone else to do all the spotting and judging of a game animal I am not hunting but just shooting a target.

While the PH will be able to tell you if the animal is a shooter you are the one that makes the final judgement if you want to shoot. My PH and I had a number of discussions about this on my last hunt, I refused to take a few shots on animals that he thought that I should.
Looking at some of these lists I would suggest you put anything in the truck that makes you happy, but don't drag most of that around with you.

I always carry binos. I am getting pretty good at judging most African game and enjoy dialoguing with my PH about which animal to take and why (enjoyed it when I wasn't so good at it). Never much got into the "shoot that one" relationship. Most of the time I use a left hip carry.

Ammunition goes in my Murray belt which also carries one of @Von Gruff 's wonderful knives and a water bottle or two goes in a tracker's pack.

Finally, a cell phone (the new ones do extraordinary photography) goes in my back pocket, a small LED flashlight in a front pocket, and glasses (shades if a bright day) on the bridge of my nose. That is it.

For whatever it is worth, I have not brought my range finding binoculars to Africa though I use them extensively here, South America and Europe. I have a lightweight set of Leica 8x40's that are perfect for a long day tracking a buffalo,
I carry my binoculars, bug dope and sunscreen. I also carry an ammo wallet with 10 rounds if hunting dangerous game I carry a second wallet with solids. The trackers carry water and my camera in a day pack they are more than happy and willing to do so. If I’m in an area that is swampy I’ll put extra socks and some wading shoes in as well as I hate to have continues wet feet.
I will never leave my day pack with , binoculars, shells , baby wipes, TP, lighter, cigarettes , water ,chapstick
ever again after a 12 hour stalk on a elk with out water! And having a vehicle break down in the boondocks and having to walk 18 miles to a house for help
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Be careful where you put your Chapstick. Can be more than embarrassing attempting to load a tube in your rifle during a moment of adrenaline rush
Be careful where you put your Chapstick. Can be more than embarrassing attempting to load a tube in your rifle during a moment of adrenaline rush
I am sure everyone would go easy on you for this.
Rifle, ammo slide with 10 rounds, binos for sure- I carry Zeiss 10X40s, iPhone for photos, Leatherman, pocket knife, TP.

A tracker can carry water and other odd items for you.
Yes on the binos, 8x42s are plenty. Same on the Rick Young bino harness. Trophy hunting is over for me so extra loaded magazine and range finder on the cull hunts. Day pack stays in the truck with more ammo, energy bars, water, single pack disinfectant wipes, lens cleaners and mini pack of tissues.
Definately carry your own binoculars! I also take my own rangefinder, and I wear a fanny pack with other "essentials" in it.

On one on my South African hunts I shot a Black Springbok with my .375 RUM. The bullet exit hole was quite large and when we were about to take the hero photo, my PH commented that if we had a needle and thread we could close up that hole for the photo. So I dug deep in my fanny pack and took out one of those little needle and thread packs that some hotels leave for their guests. :D

On that same hunt, the strap for the head tracker's binoculars broke. I always have some parachute cord in my fanny pack, so out some came and we fixed the strap.

On another South African hunt I hunted on several different properties for the animals that I wanted. After I had shot the animals that I had wanted on the last property, the landowner asked me if I would like to take a drive up in the mountains on his property. Of course I said yes and he told me to bring my rifle as there were Mountain Reedbucks up there.

We found them and I shot one, then back at the "lodge" he asked me if I would trade my rangefinder for the Mountain Reedbuck. That was the last hunt of that trip and I had considered upgrading my rangefinder anyway, so I agreed to the swap.
A water bottle. Mix with orange squash the night before, then freeze overnight. The following day it will gradually defrost into cool orange squash.

One orange for each person in your group.

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