What kind of cash do you need to carry??????


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Aug 8, 2013
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I just heard that some countries are no longer accepting travelers checks. So do you carry cash for tips and other items? If so what kind and how much. I just don't know how safe I'd feel walking around with $10,000 in cash in my pocket. Also what type of currency is best $ US ,Euro's ,or the currency of the country in which you are hunting?
That is kind of a problem is the payment. What my outfitter in Namibia is doing is i pay the day rate and my wifes observor fee before I come and I pay the trophy fees when I get back home. What I think I my be able to do is set up a linked account at my brokerage firm where I can send the money. If I can sign on to it in Namibia I will be able to do the transfer on his computer. Not everyone will do what Johan is doing but he said no one has stiffed him yet. If they do they will not get the trophy's shipped home
I did the same as Iwaters with my PH in Zim. The booking agent was here in the states so that was also very convenient. I wired the cash to the Ph on my last hunt through a liaison/friend he had in SA. I had to send the funds this way because of US OFAC regulations. These rules prevent transferring money to Zimbabwe (or at least they did at the time, not sure now). Either way, taking care of the daily rate/observer/transfer fees before your trip via wire transfer is the way to go. Make sure to get confirmation of receipt and keep those copies with you on your trip. That way one doesn't have to carry so much $. Just enough for emergencies, tips, food etc.. Oh and bring small bills above all. As far as which type of currency? I guess that depends on your location. US is the only form I have used and haven't had too much of a problem other than a few instances at the airport in Joberg. Getting some rand before you go is a good idea. Hope this helps.

Good luck!!
Definantly try to only take the cash you will spend there.

$US dollars work in Zim.

You can exchange anything into Rand. Debit cards work in ATM's in South Africa. Some pre-fill cards are a lot better than others.

I haven't been to Namibia yet, ask the PH what works. The Namibian dollar is tied to the Rand.

People quibble about exchange rates. I don't worry about it as I seem to always have to pay distorted rates and fees. If you find a good deal great, but it could be wiped out somewhere else when you 'have' to exchange or change back forex.
There is a 500 euro note. $10,000 = E7,500. That is only 15 bills to carry around and hide on your body. Ask your outfitter what he prefers. This is not a recommendation, just a thought.

It would be handy if we still had the $500 and $1,000 bills in circulation.
I have found that a little extra cash can come in handy. I just wanted to know what worked best. It would be great if you could pay threw the broker here in the states. Thanks for all the info.
My next Africa hunt will be paid with VISA or there will not be a next Africa hunt for me.

The taxidermist (in Africa) takes VISA and so can the PH.
My next Africa hunt will be paid with VISA or there will not be a next Africa hunt for me.

The taxidermist (in Africa) takes VISA and so can the PH.

Paid with CC, this way for deposits and final balances. It is simple.

I have also done the wire transfer route after the fact. Takes some trust, but it works.
I like the idea of using my visa, is there any special procedure to using a credit card in south Africa?
I was unable to use my Visa in most situations in Zimbabwe a few months ago. I paid for my hunt upfront, carried $4,000US in mostly small bills for personal items and tips. I wired funds to my PH after the hunt to cover trophy fees for animals added that were outside those included in my package. The only location that I used my CC was the Victoria Falls Hotel (a great experience by the way, didn't stay there, just had breakfast and watched the warthogs mow the lawn).


Related: my PH advised me to wash my hands very frequently when handling the bills returned in change for purchases. He said the bills have been hidden in just about every orifice on the human body. I'd say, from the condition of some of the bills I received, he was likely right. A couple of them literally eroded to pieces just by handling them.
OH YUCK! Upton, I would never have thought of that but it could be correct with paper currency. A reason to bring antiseptic hand cleaner with us in squeeze bottles. This will go on my list of items to carry over the next time.
I'm just thinking of the stuff I have bought at roadside markets?? At least most of the time I didn't get any change back.
Take as much and as little as you want. Just always be aware of where and to whom you are handing money too. Never pull out a wad of money in from of a group of people,,,,, Listen, just act like you are in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago,,,, be aware of your surroundings and you can carry as much as you feel you need to. If you feel you can't kick the shit out of the group that is approaching you, get to a place where you can, my guess is you will have a nice blade on you at times.
Or in Haiti, if you want to go that route...
Los Angeles? There are places in LA I won't drive through in the daytime and I was born and raised there!
I carry most of my cash in a nylon wallet which is inside my pants, attached by a loop to my belt. It s made by Samsonite.

Then some spare cash in my wallet.

Anyway, I prefer to book my hunt through an agent who is a good friend of mine. I just pay him for part of the hunt before I leave and settle the account when I come back. This prevents having to travel with a lot of cash.
Credit cards are a good way, however that will not work for Zimbabwe. I was not able to use my credit card there something to due with our state department.

I try to carry tip money, from the country i am hunting in. Tanzania and Zimbabwe like US dollars. South Africa likes rands. I try to find my travel money early in the process and have it set aside for my safari.

Paying for the trip, i work with the PH and outfitter booking agent and have the daily fees paid prior to leaving as per the contract. A set amount of dollars is set aside with them for trophy anticipated in taking.

I have used wire transfers in the past and i am finding some new banking standards are being set on this type of payments. I have to visit the bank to see what is up. I received a letter letting me know changes are in the works on transferring money.

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