What Is Your Personal Limit?

In general, 300 yards. Most hunting I do is with a 30-06. For really big non dangerous game like moose the velocity past 300 is down enough I don't think it's got the energy to effectively kill one. My 300 Win Mag would give me more range. As for caribou, deer, kudu, etc. It gets to be a small target beyond 300, especially adding wind and I'm shooting off of either sticks or the top of my backpack frame in field conditions with my heart probably sped up more than at the range, so I'm not risking it.
I'd say about 250m in most circumstances.
I will take on longer shots if the range is measured and I have a stable base, decent wind call etc.

In my experience, Kentucky windage on longer shots and the fact the bullet drops disproportionally faster with increasing range are preconditions for poor shots. In other words your margin for error on a bad range call is huge beyond 300m.

I'm generally happy to let the animal walk if I am in doubt - like most of the South Africans here, I have the privilege of finding another animal another time without too much fuss. Obviously not so easy if it's the trophy of a lifetime:sneaky:
Elk at 1,000 yards +/- Given the circumstance.

On many occasions I’ve shot targets at 1 Mile and up to 2,000 yards with my hunting rifle. These are Progressive 2 shot set ups with a spotter. 300 RUM.

I consider myself a hunter first, not a long range target shooter. I had to get the right equipment and train to shoot long distance accurately. I did this to confidentially extend my effective killing distance.

I spend more time on AH than other sites that cater to long range hunting because I’m not interested in intentionally going out and setting up for a long distance kill. I just know that I’m capable with the equipment I have.

I enjoy hunting much more than shooting at targets. I’ve gone to 3 separate Extreme Long Range shooting schools and I practice to maintain my ability to make confident shots at any distance I decide I’m comfortable with.

My longest kill shot so far was 380 yards with a .243
I do not know who said”get as close as you can and then get 10 yds closer” but I try to practice that as I want to be a hunter and not a shooter. I have no thoughts on the guy today that takes the 600+ yd shots as if that is what he wants and can do it killing cleanly then let it begin.
Seems to be too many opinions on what others should not do as it is not what we do.
For me it's 250-300, and depending on the rifle, caliber and conditions, but I like to get closer if possible. Sometimes you don't have much of a choice than to shoot at those distances.
Idk, it’s situational. Mountain hunting, maybe 600 yds if the stars align. Outside of that, I try to keep it sub 100. I like stalking, I would prefer to get better at that. I hunt elk with a bow, not my Weatherby.

My issue with true long range shots on game is TOF. A lot can happen when it takes your bullet .75 to 2 seconds to arrive at the target. A perfect double lung can turn into a ham shot quickly. Nevermind variable wind speeds, sketchy range estimates, and strange shot angles. Now add buck fever. Too much risk for my tastes.
If I am am not comfortable that the first shot will do the job and I can place it were it needs to go the animal wins..
I´ve done a lot of target shooting with open sighted military rifles at 300 meters, but hunting is totally different for me.

I have shot two mouflons at around 300 meters, as it was impossible to get any closer, but I try to shoot inside 150 meters.
The threads about the 6.5CM got me thinking. A lot of us seemed to be of the opinion that shooting at live game at extreme distances poses some ethical questions. Ok, fine but where do we individually draw the line? How far is too far?There are a lot of variables. Skill, caliber, equipment, environment, species, etc.

Try and limit your responses to your own general guidelines. There are exceptions to every rule.

I’ll start. In general I prefer to keep my shots inside 250 yards. I will sneak beyond that but only with a rifle I’m supremely confident with and only if the circumstances (wind, light, shooting position, etc) are all favorable. Frankly, I’m an excellent shot but I’m not comfortable taking shots at a live animal if there’s any doubt about making a one shot humane kill. Good enough isn’t good enough for me. I’d rather let the game go than hope for the best.

Stuff happens. I shot a doe once at about 65 yards. It was an easy shot but something went wrong. I don’t know if I hit a branch or just blew the shot but when I decided to pull the trigger I had no doubts. I never found her and I still hate it. However, I don’t regret taking the shot. It was a responsible choice to shoot even though I wounded her. I’d take the same shot again without hesitation.

None of us can control outcomes 100% of the time. Like I said above, stuff happens but by self imposing personal limits we can greatly minimize stuff happening.

So, what are your own general limits? There are no right or wrong answers even though there will probably be responses some of us think are unreasonable. I’m genuinely interested in where the line is for each of us.
My personal limit varies with the type of game hunted and the rifle I'm using. I have shot game at 400 plus yards but only out of necessity.
I usually like to test my stalking skills and get as close as possible.
My son, a mate and myself could have opened up on a mob of pigs at a layered 300 but I told them we could get closer. The wind was perfect and they disappeared into a gully. We got to within 20 yards and the fun began. 6 out of seven pigs disposed of. Couldn't have done that at 300. Fast furious fun I just wish I had a pump action shotgun loaded with buckshot for that occasion.
I used to enjoy long range (400 yards to me) singing at rabbits with my super accurate rem 788 in 22-250. That hones the skills and builds confidence.
I like to keep my shots to less than 200 but after years I'm confident in my skills and rifles out to 400 possibly more if needed which ain't to often.
I have a problem with people who call shooting an animal at great distances hunting. You’re so far away the animal doesn’t know youre there or if they do they don’t worry about you. I like to stalk my prey and get as close as possible. This is what the thrill of the hunt is all about. My furthest shot at a deer was 75 yards. If you want to shoot at things a long way away then take up long range target shooting. I watched a video online of this “elk hunter” who proceeded to put numerous wounding shots into a bull at an extreme distance. It wasn’t until the third or fourth hit that he put it down. I commented on his video that he should remove it as it will be used by anti hunters if they were to find it. Just my opinion.
As with Bob it depends on the game, terrain and gun I am using. Generally with open sights I am comfortable to 150 yards possibly 200 on already wounded game. I have 2 rifles a 30-06 in a Ruger American and a CZ 550 FS in 9.3x62 which I have complete confidence in out to 400 yards. I prefer to get as close as terrain and wind will allow me and most of my shots are between 30-80 yards. The only way to get comfortable with shooting farther, is to practice shooting farther, and get off the bench and practice field position shooting.
300-350 with the caveat being "an unwounded animal". If the animal has already been hit, then I will take a poultshit at 500 or more to try to bring it down. But at an unwounded animal, no way would I stretch it that far.

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