What did you do with your Cape buffalo skin?

Nov 26, 2023
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I’m probably getting ahead of myself, as there is no Buffalo in the salt yet, but if all goes well there will be one in July.

I will definitely get a euro skull mount done (it’s my personal preference) and I’m wondering what I should do with the skin?

I think the one “must do” is a Buffalo skin rifle bag- but that should leave a fair amount of leather left over? What did you all do?

I’m weighing up rifle slings, key chains etc? I’d love to see pics if you’ve got em?
Well if you are a pipe smoker theres pretty much a readymade tobacco pouch dangling there for you .
boots made by Republic boots in Houston
Buff taken in S. Africa with Monterra Safaris
Also had a purse made in S. Africa for my wife
Still have some hide left

buff and boots.jpg
A couple belts and an an ammo / gear belt. Was going to recover a chair with the rest, but the upholsterer cost was prohibitive. When having it tanned, I was told to ensure it is tanned for 'goods' vs. tanned for 'taxidermy'. I don't know the difference in the process or if it really matters.
Loving these ideas and pics! Thank you all!

Love the idea of adding a belt too and a tabacco pouch - I’m not a pipe smoker- but…. Would make for an interesting conversation piece

I’m also positive the misses wouldn’t say no to a little purse!

Thanks for the tips of having it completed there and tanned for goods- I wouldn’t have thought of specifying that!
can I ask about the way the leather is tanned and how that affects the suitability for one product or another? I mean say one wanted to make a love seat, do you need to request a specific type of tanning to make it suitable for say upholstery or another for knife sheaths or shoes? I have an impala and buffalo back skin I am intending to hair off veg tan in South Africa. Would love to hear your thoughts on the tanning side of the equation

For what you have mentioned you want vegetable, or brain tan. Vegetable and brain tan won't be caustic to metal; ie. knife sheaths, holsters, belts, upholstery, boots/shoes, pouches, etc.

Chrome, salt, other types of chemical tans; the chemical will leach out of the leather when the leather gets wet.

Oil tans, the oil also leaches out but usually not reactive on metals. They just leave a mess on clothing and skin. And needs much more leather care/maintenance.

Another consideration is soft tan vs "hard"/"stiff" tan or "split" leather. ie. wallet, upholstery, etc, is soft tan or split leather. Holsters, sheaths, saddle leather is full hide.

There is also hide/leather weight/thickness. Different weights/ thickness for different uses.

Do a Google search on types of leather and tanning as it is a lengthy subject to try to explain
Last few I've taken I simply took a picture and walked away. I found getting stuff sent home caused too much anxiety, not to mention the cost was causing me great anxiety, now I go, if I am successful, I take a picture and head to camp.
Belts, duffle bags and now custom recliners by Bison Creek Interiors.

And ammo slides. Buffalo makes great ammo slides.
I regret leaving my cow buffalo skin behind. I didn't think. Will definitely bring one back next time.

@WAB, beautiful work.
My father kept a buffalo scrotum on a side table to hold ground nuts. It was a conversation piece my mother didn't really care for.

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