What did you do with your Cape buffalo skin?

Grocery bags! I just made two out of giraffe hide. Buffalo would be excellent. Open top, two handles, simple. And you can leave them in your vehicle.

Tool bag. Perfect material for that.

Small square for closet rug. Look at little spaces in your house where a 3x3 rug will be perfect.
Not something I’m interested in….. but, even with a small hide one could get a few sets of these things made.

I reckon that sort of thing would make a great accessory to a 35 Whelen .

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African Game Industries. In Texas
Very affordable when using your leather

I had mine tanned in Africa. Then AGI snuffed it and made the items

I've seen their work at DSC and it is top-notch. The little buffalo on the duffel bag was a nice touch too!
Last few I've taken I simply took a picture and walked away. I found getting stuff sent home caused too much anxiety, not to mention the cost was causing me great anxiety, now I go, if I am successful, I take a picture and head to camp.
Meat to the community.
I had 3gun cases and a pair of choppers I say bring all the extra hides back.
boots made by Republic boots in Houston
Buff taken in S. Africa with Monterra Safaris
Also had a purse made in S. Africa for my wife
Still have some hide left

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Surely all that wasn’t done with only one back skin. Was that one whole other hide?
Surely all that wasn’t done with only one back skin. Was that one whole other hide?
All done with one hide and still have some left but just enough for a couple of wallets and a belt. The wifes' purse was a medium size bag with dividers. There is a lot of leather on a big bull.
Oh and I had the scrotum made into a little bowl, you know to hold nuts.
Beautiful! Some great ideas!

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