Wanted GS Custom .375 200 Grain HV Bullets


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May 31, 2021
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I purchased a partial box of GS Custom 375 cal. 200 grain HV. They shot very well so I called the factory to buy a bunch. Unfortunately they are no longer producing bullets. Does anyone have any they would be willing to sell or trade. Thanks.
I used to be the US distributor for GS. I will look to see if I have any of those but most of mine were heavier.
I think I may have some 200g laying around,I,ll check
If you can't find anything else I have 64 VRG-4 230gr Peregrine bullets. I seemed to always have good luck finding them. They worked well in my Dakota. Have not tried them in my R8. I pretty much just run AFrames now. Trying to keep it simple.
you can call me

Hugo [redacted]
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Here is short video of blesbok hunt from yesterday

made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!