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    Have any of the hunters/travelers from the USA used the TSA Global entry program? I got my passport in the mail today (only took 18 days), and in the envelope was a handout for the pre-check and a mention for the global entry thing. Since I'll obviously be travelling with one or two firearms, would i benefit from signing up for this? How about the pre-check? Does it help me as well, considering the guns?

    According to the TSA website:
    The Pre-check has the benefit of expedited screening, no need to remove light jackets, belt and shoes.
    Global entry boasts "Expedited clearance through Customs and Border Patrol at airports upon arrival in US and expedited processing through CBP at land borders when entering the US."

    Is eliminating the headache associated with clearing customs, and the pre-screening, worth about another hundred bucks? This will be my first international trip commercially. The last two were military only, so no one gave us any grief about what we carried :)

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