Thinking about a Lion Bow hunt in a few years?

I think my current arrows are about 400 grain so I'd have to grab another dozen arrows. Is their any benefit with a 2 blade vs a 3 blade point?
penentration ...
if you were fortunatate enugh to get a side on shot ,or even angling away .three blade muzzy,or magnus ,no problem
So 2 blade and is single bevel the best?
it will be perfect......
mate don't go getting your kit together until you speak to the guy you are going to hunt with ,listen to what he says ,and get your plan together once you guys are on the same page.
Sounds good. Any other recommendations on outfitters? I've got Wintershoek and Wormland outfitters bookmarked so far.
mate don't go getting your kit together until you speak to the guy you are going to hunt with ,listen to what he says ,and get your plan together once you guys are on the same page.
I won't be buying anything soon, Its at least 3 years before I go. Thank you for all the advice.
talk to them all via email ,but remember a lot of them will be in amrica for the hunting exhibitions for janurrary and feburary , and some are still hunting , so there may be some still in the bush hunting ,
they will answer , see which one you click with , then slowly tick them off , they are all good at there jobs, but sometimes it boils down to personality .

maybe go to all the shows close to you .
when are you looking at doing this hunt ?
I'd probably be looking into 2017 at the earliest. The optimum time for me would be mid/late summer and early fall. This is usually when I can get a couple weeks free but I can't be positive on the exact days until its closer.
plenty of time , if you start looking now and find your guy, you might save some money throwing down a deposit a year in advance .
as its sounding like lion hunting prices will go up .
always find out how big the property is that you will be hunting !!
the bigger the better.
How big was the property you hunted? Im also worried about the prices getting too high or Obama and his crooks shut down Lion hunting all together. Botswana has shut down all of its hunting which is a shame, besides private ranches.
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roy said it was 62000 hectres, I only seen one fence , and we walked just over 12 kms tracking .
im hearing ya ,mate.
the enormity of it never hit hit until the deal was done and the shakes set in , I was exhaling pure adrenaline , for a long time afterwards.
back at camp that night the they were talking it up , and the phone calls from there friends to see how it unwound , sort of dropped a whole lot reality on top of me .
but its something l remember sprooking off with mates about ,around the campfire , when were kids .
surprisingly a couple of them remember our childish bull shit sessions , and have said how passionate l was about it .
a black bear is on the horizon ,
after Zambia next year , thats right up on top of my need to do list .hunting in Zambia is something that ive wanted to do since l was knee high to a duck ....
this site is really helping me with those kid dreams ,ive been wanting to tick off the list .
Reading what you have posted, you are welcome in my camp any time. We kill some big bears in the high desert, all spot and stalk and plenty of mesquite and cedar for the camp fire! I'm not a guide but love to hunt with good people!
It sounds like your hunt went really smooth. Did you see any males on your trip?
thanks cobber , and you are welcome to come hunt samba deer with us at any time you like , im no guide either, infact you would proberly do better with out me ....
when we first found her track she was in the bush lieing down and there was a young male with her we all seen him ,first. they departed together and split up , then a few hours later she walked with another lion for a while , not saying it was the same one or not , as I never seen the second animal , it was pretty smoothe , but hyper tension , a few times .
With Wormald is it mainly spot and stalk or sitting over bait?
however you want
I figured that I always wanted to walk one up , and roy said if thats what you want to do , we work on that ,
he said it may take a couple of days extra, but we will see how it work s.
then when he met me for breakfast at African sky and we finally shook hands , we chatted for a while then he says , listen bluey , when we get there we are going to have to drive around and look for a track , it may take quite awhile . but if we set out from the start on foot it may well take a week .
and that how it is with roy , theres no surprises , no hidden agenda , if something needs to sorted , he sits down and starts with listen bluey ........
I like straight shooters , and thats what roy is.........
he said most stick flingas use a hide or high seat.and I was the first one that wanted to walk her up , from the track at the start.
joe the manager at the property said the same thing . another straight bloke. he was a good bloke also .
as was every man ,women and child , l met while gallivanting around south Africa with my good friend roy wormald.
so if you talk to him , just tell him what your idea of a lion hunt is , and plans will be made ,to your long as its legal and ethical.and of course safe

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