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    African San Taxidermy Studio South Africa

    Our professional taxidermists specialize in African Animals. Their vast experience with these animals out in their natural environment and years of mounting experience, give them an edge over many others.

    African San Taxidermy Studio is situated in the heart of the Northern Cape on a game ranch called Wintershoek. Our location is centralized in the prime hunting area of the Northern Cape approximately 60 km from Kimberley on the N12. We are dedicated to providing the best possible personalized taxidermy service to our clients -worldwide. We export a vast number of trophies to many different countries yearly e.g USA, Russia, Spain and Mexico.

    Being based on a game ranch most species are readily obtainable at any given time to custom-make life size models. We have a dedicated workforce of 20 people who strive to deliver a world class product. Our staff has more than 30 years experience.

    We offer a complete service, thereby providing our personal and total control of your valuable trophies. We are proud to be a fully state veterinarian-approved taxidermy, complying with all the strictest standards set by the authorities.

    For more info on African San Taxidermy Studio in South Africa visit our website at


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