SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Cape Buffalo With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS In The Kalahari SA 28 May -1 June 2024


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Jun 8, 2024
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A fantastic hunt for cape buffalo with @HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS and his tracker Daniel in the Kalahari. After three days and 46 km on foot, I got the chance on a great old bull.


This was a big dream come true. A difficult hunt in dense bush with a lot of walking and tracking. We had several close encounters with buffalo before we finally got a good opportunity on the third day. Daniel the tracker did a fantastic job tracking in a difficult environment.


The bull was shot broadside at 60 yards with my Sauer 202 TD in 458 lott. The bullet was a Hornady DGX bonded 500gr at 2200 f/s and performed perfectly.



Big thanks to Henry and his staff for three unforgettable days, professionalism, humor and effort. Also a big thank you to Tanya and other staff for excellent food and accommodation at Wild Goose Lodge




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Nice, thanks for posting.
What was the closest town to where you hunted? What size was the property you hunted? Is this a tsetse fly area? (Are there tsetse flies in Namibia?)
Congrats on a great hunt and a wonderful trophy!!
What was the closest town to where you hunted? What size was the property you hunted? Is this a tsetse fly area? (Are there tsetse flies in Namibia?)
Pretty sure that the hunt was in RSA based on the title and the fact that it is a South African outfitter
Congrats, great bull :D Cheers:
My mistake, I have Namibia on the brain because I've been looking for buffalo hunts that are "dry country" and I the word Kalahari with Namibia, which I shouldn't. I just looked at a map and it looks like the country with the most Kalahari is Botswana.
I agree, that rifle looks amazing!
Congrats in a good bull and a great hunt any other trophies or animals taken on this trip?
After this hunt we went to Limpopo with Unzwa Safaris. There we hunted some plain games , and I was lucky to get a nice Nyala and a good Duiker. This was my second trip to RSA. Both times we booked through Unzwa Safaries who set up the hunts.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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Hi Ian, I'm contemplating my first outing, leaving UK via Dubai to Africa, taking rifles as you did.

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