SOUTH AFRICA: A Gold Standard Hunt With LJ SAFARIS


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Aug 9, 2023
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I am what some people might describe as a 'challenging client'. I arrive with a long list of trophies I want to take in a short period of time, and I'm specific about trophy quality. I've done 12 safaris to Africa and several other hunts around the world, some of which have been excellent, some acceptable, and some, frankly, below expectations. My most recent hunt falls firmly in the excellent category.

I arranged an 8-day big bag hunt with Juan and Lauren Stander of @LJ SAFARIS, and they could not have done more to make the trip both enjoyable and successful. They are a great couple, proud of the work they do, and committed to delivering top quality trophies for their clients.

We arrived in their Karoo concession, 85,000 acres of unspoilt landscape, comprising rolling mountains, open plains, and riverine terrain. Despite some rain and strong winds, were successful in taking a Karoo Springbok of 13.5in that first afternoon.


The following morning, we took a stunning Black Wildebeest, and a 7 1/4in Mountain Reedbuck, followed by a Red Lechwe of 26in the next evening.



Animals are abundant on that concession, and the game is extremely well managed, so we were able to take our time and select some exceptional trophies, both in terms of age and horn length.

Only the eland proved to be challenging, residing in high mointain terrain, where swirling winds made stalking difficult. We succeeded eventually, and hunted a beautiful, old, eland bull, which required several kilometres of stalking and a challenging shot to bring down.


Having taken everything we wanted, with time to spare, we enjoyed a relaxed evening in the lodge, and a short lie-in the following morning, before heading south.

Moving down to the Coast, near Grahamstown, we spent the remaining five days hunting a series of concessions and farms. Our first evening, we took an exceptional nyala bull of 28.5in at last light on Juan and Lauren's farm.


The following days were spent in pursuit of bushbuck, and we succeeded in taking three gold medal bushbuck, all over 14in, the largest of which measured a remarkable 16in.




We were also able to take impala, blesbok, and two large warthog trophies.




In all, we took 13 animals in 8 days, all of which met my high standards for trophy quality. Our field measurements estimate that eight will be gold medals, one borderline gold-silver, two silver and one bronze.

The lodges we stayed in were of excellent quality, the hunting vehicles comfortable and well-maintained, the food was excellent and the company was exceptional.

Juan and Lauren took the time to plan a perfect safari, leaving nothing to chance. They understood what I was hoping to achieve, and they delivered it perfectly. They are conscientious in their approach, and committed to delivering more than their clients expect, even taking the time to film the entire safari.

I am fully intending to continue our adventure next year, targeting some of the more uncommon species, and I would not hesitate to recommend LJ Safaris to any hunter, whether experienced or new to our sport, who wants to hunt proper trophies, in stunning scenery, and with great people.

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Very nice !
Sounds like an excellent trip. Congrats on some fine trophies.
Great hunt, congrats !
Nice hunt report and trophies. Congrats and thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
Beautiful trophies. Congratulations!
Juan shareda some pics of the bushbuck with me lastweek
So u must know it was a great one if fellow phs share the pics
Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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