ROMANIA: Red deer Rut With HUNTROMANIA 2022


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Nov 3, 2019
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Around 17 September i went to Romania.
I live in Germany, so i made it an 2 day drive.
After an very successful roedeer hunt in may, i decided to hunt redstag in the rut, with @HUNTROMANIA.
I hunt since 2015 with Marius, and its always a pleasure to hunt with him.

On the way to Romania, many rain, and when i enter Romania rain.
The entrance to Romania, went very smoothly, the border police was in a good mood.
When i arrived in the hotel, i did let Marius know that i arrived, after a few minutes he said, that his ranger could pick me up, for an evening stalk or highseat if i wanted and if was not to tired.
I said ok, and his ranger picked me up, he decided to sit on an highseat, the rain stopped, but still to much wind.
On the way to the highseat, the ranger told me the activity with rut was very low, not much roaring, because of the bad weather.
We arrived at the highseat, and when we where almost on place, we saw some female reddeer leaving the place, maybe they heard us or something else triggered it, it was the place where they stayed at daytime.
After 30 minutes, some other females entered the scene, but no stag, they where grazing there for about 20 minutes, and then out of nowhere, a stag came from the top of the valley, coming down to his females.
The ranger looked to the stag and said it was ok to shoot.
It went to a small forrest road on the bottom of the valley, then it wanted to turn to the females, the ranger give a small roar, and the stag froze on that moment, enough time to place a bullet, after a short run, it dropped on that small forrest road.
Pff, what an stag and what a luck, with this weather i was not expecting anything.
We took some pics and loaded it up, when i took my phone from the airplane modus, i got already the congratulations from Marius, his ranger informed him.
Back in the hotel we took an small drink and went to bed.
Next morning the ranger would pic me up at 5 in the morning.
It was 5 o‘clock before I knew.
The rain started again, we went to the place where he expected rut activity, but for an longtime we did not hear anything.
When it got light and the rain stopped, he take a look at the rain radar and decided to go to an highseat with an roof.
On the way to the highseat, you could smell the stags, we saw some far away.
Then on the highseat, the rain back, and zero activity.
After 30 minutes he spotted one about 800 meters away, he give it a try on his reddeer roaring immitator, and the after a while the redstag went in our direction, but also into cover.
Every few minutes the ranger makes an roar, and after a while we saw some moving in the cover, we took our glasses, and it was an stag, he said if it comes in the open i could shoot it.
It did not take long before it came out, on 150mtr he didn’t move and i shot, i looked thrue the scope, but i could not see any sign that i hit it, it was running from us, so no chance for an second shot.
But the second shot was not necessar, i saw it fell after 60 meters, a good shot in the lung.
Again i was surpised that i had succes, with this weather, and also i realised that i got my 2 deer before Marius arrived! But thats live.
We loaded it up and went back to the hotel, Marius arrived there with another hunter from Canada, he was also after redstag.
That evening i stayed in the hotel.
The Canadian hunter got his stag also very soon, and we had both some time left, Marius organised some roedeer and quail hunting for us, to fill the day.
Specially the quail hunting i liked, i never had done that before, we got some quail, that was a suprise for the guide, because the migration had not started good yet.
It was an perfect week, and i had pleasant people around me.
Thanks again Marius and Huntromania.
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Those are some nice stags. Congrats and very good shooting!
This is very cool! I hope to hunt there someday.
Waidmannsheil @Dutchtrapper ! Some very nice stags and what looks like a great adventure !

Really need to get to Romania sometime !
Thanks for sharing your hunt.
I’m interested in doing this hunt how do you get trophy’s back to America, anyone here from the states do this hunt?
I’m interested in doing this hunt how do you get trophy’s back to America, anyone here from the states do this hunt?

I’m booked for next year. PM Marius. It seems that he has a handle on it.
Very nice animals! Sounds & looks like a wonderful time for you!
Thank you, @Dutchtrapper for the report. I hope you remember those pictures.
Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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