Rigby Highland Stalker vs. Mauser 98 Standard Diplomat vs. Blaser R8

Rigby is overpriced, trying to justify this by claiming to be part of a tradition that has expired long ago.
As to Blaser, I agree with Major Bonkers. I'd rather miss with a Mauser than hit with a Blaser ;).
Buy a good old Mauser System and have it put into a custom made Rifle Stock.
Well, buy the M-70 in 270 and put a decent scope on it,. have a good smith do a little tweaking if needed, buy another in 375 H+H or 416 Remington, and spend the money you don't spend on the others by going hunting. I shoot a Blaser R-93; I like the rifle. I had mine for gee. It's been 20 years now. I own and have hunted a lot with the Winchester Super Grades it's a rifle that will serve you well. A John Rigby is nice and I do lust for one, but let's face it, 15K is a lot of money, that 10 days 10 head of game in South Africa. Buy what you want and don't pay any attention to the opinions of others, myself included.
You could also look into a Sauer 404 or perhaps the forth coming new 505.
The 404 is a great switch-barrel platform. Not as many caliber choices as the R8 but enough variations for anything that walks the earth.

You and I are quite similar! I craved and saved for the rifles from when the New Magnum first came out in 2015 and the Standard in 2017. In 2020 Mauser rearanged the distribution and I managed to buy a Magnum in 375 H&H and then a Standard in 7x57 for a VERY modest price. They are truly fantastic rifles and I enjoy them imensely and they have had couple of hundred rounds through each. I'am old fashioned when it comes to hunting gear and if not the Mausers I would buy the new Sako 90 Hunter as it's a good rifle at a really good price. The Rigby is just splendid aswell of course :)


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When I pick up the R8 I give myself a nod for choosing versatility and reliability

When I pick up my Mauser 98 I smile

When I pick up my London best Rigby.... I wake up

I'd love a Rigby, H &H, or any other London Best - but for as long as my arsehole points downwards .... it ain't going to happen
I would suggest choosing the one that best compliments you individual style.

They are all great options, but each is unique and would best compliment a certain style.

For exampe, what luxury car do you prefer?

To me, the Rigby evokes tge charm and style of an Aston Martin, or Norton, if you prefer motorcycles.
You can't beat the Blaser when it comes to versatility. It's just to bad it looks like the south end of a north bound warthog.

It's German vs English, flip a coin. If it was me, i'd add a Heym into the mix.

If you have the flexibility to travel to Germany and England. Contact the manufacturers, for a visit. See what they have to say.
I did have a Blaser r93 Attache in 7x57 with grade 8 wood,it looked great and was great to use but to fancy for the bush,rather then buy a off-road plastic stock i sold it. Then i found a Brno 21,old but hardly used, maybe try and find one or a Brno zkk 600,cz 550 that wont matter to much if dinged up. Looking at the Rigby and the Mauser, i think id go for a highland stalker in 9.3x62 or there new lightweight magnum although i think the new Mausers in normal standard actions have lost the plot as they should be single and double sqaure bridge actions..and would be nice to see the old wing safety and second side safety . Other rifles to look at would be Heym and Parkwest arms (Dakota)

brno 21,warne detach mount zeiss 3-12.jpg
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First of all, welcome.

Secondly, I imagine that you meant to write '.308' rather than '.380'.

In my own opinion - only - the R8 is a beautifully engineered rifle that is completely lacking in any soul. It is difficult to describe, perhaps, what I mean; but it goes nowhere further than being a machine.

The Rigby is based on a Mauser action, with whom Rigby are in bed. It's open to question how much of it is actually made in England, with the cynics - moi?! - suggesting that it's nothing more than a rebranded Mauser proofed in England.

The Mauser diplomat is a very practical rifle as it will allow you to disassemble and squeeze it into an airline standard-sized baggage allowance, which will save you from paying the excess baggage fees.

Don't forget to get quick detachable (QD) mounts for the telescopic sights.

Expect a lot of enthusiasm for the R8 and Rigby.

I'd make two suggestions: consider a Mannlicher-Schönauer stutzen (carbine) in 6.5x54. It does not suffer from the sloppy Mauser pendulum-like bolt and has a very light recoil. Also: don't buy new, and keep an eye open on auctions.
That right there is the beauty of the R8: it is a soulless tool. Unlike my beautiful bespoke rifle or my custom knife, etc, I don’t spend more time worrying about how to prevent the NC humidity from ruining it than I do shooting it. Like my 20 year old MS260 chainsaw or my 20+ year old 5205 tractor, it is a quality piece of equipment that gets work done. It doesn’t need obsessive attention to wiping and keeping fingerprints off it to keep it right. Synthetic stock, miracle nitriding, plastic trigger group.

I’ve been blessed with a good income and more importantly, a wonderful wife and have been able to have more than a few indulgence firearms. If I knew then what I know now, I’d have an R8 with 2 or three barrels, maybe 2 R8s, and a whole lot more space in my safe. It’s the rifle I enjoy well above the others.
There's so little info out there on the modern Mauser 98's- why is that?
Many rifles get "improved", or "upgraded". Even blaser r8, which evolved from r93.
Every factory, launches new model of their rifle every 5 or 10 years, then it goes in marketing machine, reviews, tests, articles, improvements discussed in detail, etc... marketing.

But mauser 98 cannot be improved or upgaded. It is as it is. The highest level of evolution in gun design.
What new, can be said about m98 that hasnt been said? It is so well known, that its almost boring.

So, you have a ton on info on "older" mauser 98 history, design, performance, models, on internet and literature.
There are no mistakes to be made here. Follow your emotions.. Which rifle/company/brand/story stirs your soul? There's your answer..

My problem is my soul gets stirred a little too easily apparently. I have Blasers, Heyms and my first Rigby inbound next week. A Highland Stalker in 9.3x62 and I can't wait to hold it.. Obviously I need a Mauser now.. obviously.

Good luck with your inevitably good choice..
You are a man of good taste. Never known anyone who owned a rigby or a blazer. My best friend just finished a hunt in NZ where he used a blazer R8. He said it was accurate but took some getting used to and was ugly.I lusted for a Mannlicher Schoenauer for 40 years before I found the one, and was able to make it mine. Several years later I purchased a Mauser98 in 7x57, custom made in Germany. Don’t let anyone tell you to settle. Just keep looking. Good things come to he who waits. They are worth the wait. New guns don’t have the same feel as the classics.

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