Rifle Scope Combination Problem

Discussion in 'Hunting Equipment, Gear & Optics' started by Rum Runner, Mar 22, 2019.

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    In my opinion, the problem isn't your hardware, its your technique. What you're doing is suitable for small to medium actions and in particular pushfeed actions. Dangerous to use with magnum length, mauser style controlled feed actions. (remember, unlike a pushfeed, a controlled feed doesn't eject until the very end of the stroke). You should use a underhand grip and hence your thumb is nowhere near the bolt when extracting. Using a short action/pushfeed technique has two problems: One your thumb/fingers hit the scope/mount and two it makes short stroking highly likely especially under stress. The Fieldsports Channel have a video on proper technique as taught in the Southern Africa Wildlife College PH course. Give it a try.

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    I just received the bolt back from Wayne. Very fast turn-around and Wayne was a pleasure to deal with. Nice work too:

    20190408_172622.jpg 20190408_172505 (1).jpg 20190408_172535 (1).jpg 20190408_172443 (1).jpg

    It works much better! Just enough room for my knuckle too. Better yet, I don't have to modify the stock! Anyway, my technique has changed a little thanks to this post too. Thanks to the help of everyone!
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