Reloading or factory loads for Dangerous Game?

Anyone with a heavy recoiling double who reloads could do a test to see if crimping is needed or not. I can find no reason for not crimping any hunting ammo. Load a batch for range practice but don’t apply a crimp. Load both barrels but only fire one. Open and load the just fired barrel. Do this two or three times. Check the OAL length of the round that has been subject to the recoil but not fired. Compare that length to the OAL all the rounds were originally loaded to. Recoil is subjecting the unfired round to inertial pull that may increase its OAL. The only thing stopping the bullet in the unfired chamber, if it is being “pulled” by recoil, is the bullet’s ogive shoulder at the shank contacting the lands in the leade. I think a variable OAL caused by inertial pull would not be the best for accuracy and may increase pressure if the ammo is loaded for some freebore jump and inertial pull forces the second barrel, unfired bullet into contact with the lands.

This phenomenon is common in revolvers and one of the reasons revolver ammo is always crimped.

Additionally, crimping prevents bullets from being setback during rough handling.

The LEE FCD is the best tool for applying a consistent crimp and will not decrease or cause variable neck tension as common roll crimping sometimes can when done by the crimp shoulder in the bullet seating die.

I have never crimped .375 and lighter. I have not had an issue to date. If I loaded for my Lott I would definitely crimp.
I crimp some loads and some I don't. Depends on the gun. If you don't crimp heavy revolver loads you will eventually lock up your cylinder and that's not easy to free up.
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At the moment I dont have a Crimp for my Lott so I roll crimp it but I also seat very long so there is not too much movement space in the magazine seems to do the trick.
I have never crimped the cartridge 460 WBY-Magnum, for example. I mainly loaded it before with the classic 500gr SP Interbond bullet from Hornady, and now with the 500gr PP bullet from Woodleigh. Nevertheless, I have never noticed that due to the recoil something in the magazine moved. Only the rounded lead tips of the SP bullets are often flattened. Maybe the compressed Load also keeps the bullet in the right place, but the cases of the cartridge 460 WBY-Magnum have thick walls so that the bullets are very good seated.

Different with other big bore cartridges where I trust them all less and therefore crimp it. Meant the cartridge 12,7x70 Schüler and in all cases the cartridges 577 Nitro Express and 600 Nitro Express whose cases are very thin walled.

The cartridge 11,2x72 Schüler is a special case, because I would like to crimp it, but I cannot because the bullet that is still available firstly has no crimping groove and secondly, for various reasons, it has to be seated so deep that crimping is no longer possible . For this reason, the weapon can only be used to a very limited extent for hunting DG. A topic in itself as far as this cartridge is concerned.

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