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My hunting vehicles are currently:

A Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 LWB diesel pickup truck
A Toyota Landcruiser FJ60
A Lexus GX 470 (Toyota Landcruiser Prado)

If you had to pick one currently manufactured vehicle to hunt anywhere in the world (that is available to civilians) what would it be?

Toyota Landcruiser?
Toyota HiLux?
Ineos Grenadier?
Anything made by Land Rover?
American Pickup Truck?
That Toyota that Wik has at @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS ... :love::love::love::love: That thing would look freaking fabulous in Dillingham, Alaska - and I have told him that several times.

In fairness we don't use trucks to hunt. My hunt vehicles are a 20' Alumaweld skiff with a 115 Honda, an Argo Vanguard 6x6, a Polaris 550 Voyager, a 15' Kaboat, and the occasional DeHavilland Beaver or Cessna.
70 Series Land Cruiser. Not even close. Until then, my F250 and FJ 40 offer meaningful compensation.
Well current production is pretty limiting. I prefer my FJ40, but the new cruiser or its Lexus variant would have to get the nod on current production. Don’t even pretend that any of the current Range Rovers are actually hunting vehicles.
It’s still pretty new to me… but I’m super happy with my Toyota tundra so far… I foresee us doing a whole lot of hunting together in the future..
A 70 series LandCruiser tray top if I could .

I have shot from vehicles but often on foot.

If I only had 200K laying around.
It’s currently a 79series Land Cruiser that does the job well.


I’d like to start from scratch with a 75 series cruiser and build it as I see being most suitable.

75’s are nice in that I prefer hunting with no cab and no doors. Then I drive more and have a feeling of better control of the hunt. But in the 79, I have a driver that means I sit up top in the back with the client and team.

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Toyota Landcruiser all day long.

Now, on the other side of the coin, the Toyota FJ, Nissan Patrol and Suzuki Samurai were amazing little vehicles. The little Suzuki would go through some serious stuff, tough little vehicles and it would take a lot to get them stuck.
Toyota Landcruiser all day long.

Now, on the other side of the coin, the Toyota FJ, Nissan Patrol and Suzuki Samurai were amazing little vehicles. The little Suzuki would go through some serious stuff, tough little vehicles and it would take a lot to get them stuck.

I owned a samurai in 1989.. back when they were popular little “jeeps” that everyone wanted to scoot around town in…

It was an awesome hunting vehicle…

Low cost, low maintenance, and could go anywhere you wanted to go..

A few years later I was on an MTT in Jamaica , training one of their paramilitary police units… they had a handful of samurai that they had converted into light gun trucks.. I hadn’t ever thought about that application prior.. but it was honestly brilliant.. especially for their terrain, roads, etc…

Pic below isn’t the Jamaican ones we worked with.. but almost identical…

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I wouldn't dare to compare the Jimny performances with my simple Panda.
Jimny has fantastic off road capability!
I worked with Iveco (Fiat group) for 27 years therefore, as soon as I live, I am entitled to a good discount. It is a good reason for buying such a large sedan.
Is that a belt fed M-16?
Is that a belt fed M-16?

no clue... it looks like that mount is set up to accept an ammo can (belt fed ammo).. and Ive seen some belt fed M16 variants/concept guns in the past... but I cant see enough in the pic to tell for certain what that is..

the Jamaican trucks had old mid 70's built FN MAG (predecessor to the M240) 762 belt fed guns on them, and they had lightly armored (thin, tempered sheet steel) the cab of the trucks and the turret area.. Im not sure their "armor" would have stopped much more than a pistol or shotgun round.. but it was suitable for their common threats I think.. and kept the trucks from being overweight or from screwing with their performance)...
+1 on the Mercedes G wagon. First hunted out of one in Spain back in the 90's. It took me nearly 20 years but I bought one to use for showing ranches in my real estate business. Its 4" wider than a Polaris Ranger so goes down narrow trails in comfort. Also, passed 200K miles a while back and never turned a bolt on the engine and only left me afoot once when the battery crapped out.
1) Nissan Frontier Diesel
2) Toyota HiLux Diesel

The stuff we took the Nissan through in Colombia? I don't think you can even comprehend. I wish I could upload the video. The thing went through mud so thick we were bottoming out the truck and 1/4 up the door had mud sink on it. We actually towed a companion with a half-ton Ram 1500 out of the bog with it. Add to that 4 hours on a dirt road to/from from the border of Venezuela to Puerto Lopez? The thing was a beast.

I imagine the Toyota HiLux is on-par. My PH in RSA had one. I remember coming back to camp running from a storm, going 70 kmh in the dark, on something that could barely be called a "dirt road."

The LC's are also on-par.

American half-ton's can't compare. I don't even know if Jeeps can compare to be honest. And Jeeps certainly don't have the room the aforementioned do.

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