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    Namibia (1), South Africa (3) & USA (most Western States, including AK & HI). Too bad spear fishing is not called "fish hunting" or, I could add a few extra countries (couldn't resist weaving that in somehow, sorry).

    Yours are the first photos I have seen of any binos from Docter (I don't get out much evidently) but I have heard of them and have read nothing except excellent reviews from owners.

    Likewise, I have seen other models from Zeiss Jena but they did not look as "modern" as the 7x40 ones you sold.

    Also, I own a pair of later Zeiss 8x / green rubber armored, bought new about 12 years ago, at a "discontinued sale", in the gunshop for $550. where I worked at the time (I think they are 8x35 but am too lazy to dig in the toy box tonight and find out).

    If it becomes an issue to any readers, I will fetch them to find out but I know they are 8x for sure.

    They somewhat resemble the ones you sold but not a carbon copy.

    I rather prefer the type of individual eye focus, as shown on both models of binoculars you have posted here.

    The above 8x I bought also have that feature.

    I have read about the excellent quality of Docter optics ("Docter Optik" or however they spell it).

    Meanwhile, about 2 years ago my wife conspired with one of my friends to give me a pair of Swarovski 10x42 "Swarovision" blah, blah and they are superior to any binocular I have ever tried, in every way except the focus mechanism.

    How I wish they had Zeiss / Docter type individual eye focus, like the ones you depict and my 12 year old Zeiss ones have.

    I get the impression that the companies that make optics simply make those blasted "center wheel focus" designs to save manufacturing costs (and not pass the savings on to us consumers evidently).

    My Swarovskis have some weird dual center focus thing that requires you pop one "wheel" or "dial" upward, then individually focus each eye with the two center "wheels" independently , then lock them by popping one "wheel" down against the other.

    After that, they move together as one (for up close to far away focusing in a hurry I suppose).

    Once set for my eyes, I have not had to "unlock" them again BUT, getting that first eye to eye synchronization was very tedious and frustrating (the old fashioned Docter/Zeiss type of individual eye focus is a far better design for me).

    I am truly grateful for the Swarovski binos I have now and their incredible resolution way more than makes up for the odd focus design.

    I am saving up for the eye piece they make which converts them into a spotting scope.

    So don't mention it to my woman or she will put a lump of coal in my stocking next Christmas, or she will put a lump of coal somewhere that I would find unpleasant.

    My birthday is not far off, in case you wish to send me a pair of those Docter 10x....you know, so you can find out if anyone else likes them as much as you do.

    Best Regards,
    Velo Dog.
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    Wow! Great story and great tip

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