on a lighter note...

Are you saying the 257 Wby is no good? Bob referenced that the 25-06 is much better than a 243 Win or 6.5 CM. ... I'd consider the 257 to be effectively the same as 25-06, just with a little more speed.
My apologies. I thought you were saying the .25-06 was the best .25 caliber. I agree, the 6.5 CM is totally overrated!
Sadly.. I know plenty of people with masters.. and even a handful of people with doctoral degrees.. that are absolute idiots (qualified to say this as.. Ive got a pair of masters, and am better than 1/2 way through a doctoral program at this point.. and am probably only 2 IQ points and 4 EQ points from being a complete idiot myself :D :D :D )...
I also have 2 Masters degrees and the last job interview told me that I was over qualified for the position!

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