on a lighter note...

What time is dawn in your country-and who wears a big ass watch (timepiece) to play soccer?! And I don’t think this girl even plays soccer, that ball is sparkly new. . . And why is she topless, is she on the skins team? And why is she pushing her sweats dow. . . Never mind, thank you for the very lovely post!View attachment 608085
Maybe its kinda like high sticking, watch to the face so you can gain control of the ball?

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Come from cz like that.
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500 schuler magazine.jpg
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Goat416 welcome to the forum ,youve got some great pics and Im sure trophy's
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Would you consider selling just the Barnes 235's and 250g TTSX's?
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Spain, i booked through a consultant, i book almost everything through him now and he's done me right. his contact 724 986 7206 if interested and he will have more info to share,