NULA 3 Rifle Set


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Jun 27, 2017
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Ultra light arms 3 rifle set these were made in 1991 and are consecutive serial numbered.
All made of Model 40 actions.
First is a 340 wby 24" stainless barrel with Talley bases
Second is a 375 H&H 22" stainless barrel with Weaver bases
Third is a 416 Rigby 24" stainless barrel with a one of set of Titanium rings (No Scope)

These rifles have been hunted with so have a few scratches on stock etc. no major defects.
The 340 & 375 was sent back several years ago and had new recoil pads and paint. The 416 recoil pad is original and has seen better days.

I have heard all the jokes about the recoil but truly the stock design and muzzle break makes it very manageable. The breaks are removable if you desire.

A great safari rifle set the 375 has actually stopped a buff charge at 6 yds few years ago.

Keeping the set together.
$12,000 shipped for 3.
NULA 340.jpg
NULA 375.jpg
NULA 416.jpg
NULA 340-1.jpg
NULA 375-1.jpg
NULA 416-1.jpg
Interested. What is the LOP?
I am almost certain these are standard 13.5” lop let me double check
Having a NULA in 300 w mag makes me appreciate your set. So the brakes screw off and you have thread protectors ?
I ran out of time before I headed out of town. I am about 99% sure they are 13.5 lop and they weight few oz under 7lbs.
No thread protectors and scope not included.
Still have these they are looking for a new home.
Still have this set.

I will keep the 375 h&h and sell the 416 and 340 for $7500 for the pair.
I just read that Melvin Forbes passed away. Sad deal. He was always great to work with in my experience. Love these rifles.
Yes he was a great guy and a true legend in the lightweight rifle game.
Super sad to hear. Love his rifles, almost as much as the conversations. Never had a quick phone call with the man.
He was always nice to me when I bought my 30.06. Rest in peace
I have a NULA 30-06 for sale as well. $3750 shipped.

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