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  • Mid-Asian Ibex - Uzbekistan
    Thank you. It was a butt kicker of a hunt. It was built around helicopter insertion to save a 3-day horseback ride in and 3-day trip out. But it was all boots on the ground and hunting up from there. Mysteriously, the area was hit with a freakish snowstorm just before we arrived and a big...
  • Mid-Asian Ibex - Uzbekistan
    Congratulations brother! As soon as I saw the media posted I knew you got a monster!!!
  • Record Buffalo
    Curious if anyone has any info on this bull to share
  • Buffalo Hunting Tanzania
    Friedrich Karl Flick a well-known German billionaire and Robin Hurt.
    Lolgorien,Kenya 1973
    About 54”
  • Warthog Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa
    nice hog nick!