Namibia Donation Letters for CITES APP. II Hunting Trophies

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    Namibia Donation Letters for CITES APP. II Hunting Trophies

    Gift-/Donation Letters for Cites App. II hunting trophies are increasingly causing import problems in destination countries.

    This usually concerns the following trophy species: Baboon, Caracal, African Wildcat and Hartmann Mountain Zebra.

    The necessary Cites Export Permits reflect a code in Field # 5 a ("purpose of transaction") ;

    a) with a hunt plus substantiating proper Hunting Permit, the code is "H" for "hunting".

    b) with a Gift-/Donation Letter and without a Hunting Permit, the code is "P" for "personal".

    Some importing / destination countries meanwhile require an import permit for trophies captioned with the purpose code "P". This includes countries like the USA and Germany.

    Members are urged to ensure, that Cites App. II trophies are always captioned on the Hunting Permit and refrain from Gift-/Donation Letters.

    Recent incidents are known, where the imports of Namibian Cites App. II trophies indicating the code "P", have been rejected by some destination countries and the concerned trophies were impounded. The purpose code should therefore always read "H", and this is only ensured when the trophies concerned are properly entered on a Hunting Permit.

    Source: Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA)

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    Also, if you have something made out of a CITES trophy animal part, like hippo foot bowls or a tailswish, those are also considered Personal items and will need a seperate CITES

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