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I have a very good and gun-astute friend who has visited him. he came back with nothing but praise that he is a straight-up guy. I have personally been watching the inventory he gets for resale. Very impressive that so many good guns can be found in one place.
There isn't a better outfit to deal with. Had him do a few things for me so far and he was unbelievably helpful and timely. He strikes me as a talented gunmaker/smith that is on his way to becoming one of the best the USA has to offer. I would not hesitate to work with him or buy from him....
'Hoping that the scope rings are just sitting there posing for the photo, or otherwise they are severely out of alignment! lol Nice piece. Also strangely no comments on the bore conditions.
Matt is as good of a guy as they come. I had some work done by him and wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. You should also check out his Youtube channel for some incredible gunsmithing content.
I have bought/had made a couple by Matt. He is the real deal. Honest, does outstanding work, is on time and is a pleasure to do business with. If he says - "that is a good honest gun" , you can trust him to the max....
Just went to his site. Oh my!
I find his YouTube channel very therapeutic to watch as well!
I am seeing 2, count them 2, Heym Martini Express rifles.....
I'll throw in another vote of confidence for Matt. Honest, talented, and personable.

I will warn you though, visiting his website too often can become expensive ;) He's building a .500 Jeffery on a GMA action for me currently. Can't wait to take it to Africa.
I talked to Matt extensively about an integral barrel in 404 after seeing his video on YouTube, was about to pull the trigger but ended up finding an AHR build instead.

He was a joy to talk to, would have no hesitations working with him and hope I get to in the future!!
I was too late, the Heym Martini's are sold..... wahhhhhhhh!


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Like @uplander01, I believe Matt is on a trajectory that will ultimately see him as one of the very best in the business. Then throw in the fact that both he and wife Katie are salt of the earth, and you just couldn't ask for a better team to work with. Like @Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy, I too have become enamored with his work and chose him to head up a 10.75x68 project that I'm working on with @Dirtdart. It is also on a GMA action and I will share finished project upon completion.
Matt seems like a great guy. My wife and I were vacationing in Weathersfield VT a few weeks ago and I shot him an email that we were in the area and would love to swing by. He was waiting at the shop door on a Saturday morning when we pulled in and spent over an hour walking us through his shop, talking rifles, and allowing me to see anything I asked for out of the consignment safes. His shop is clean and super inviting. Being only a few hours from my house, I'm planning to use him for future gunsmith needs. Now I'm just trying to justify having one of his Hatari rifles commissioned for myself.

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