MAULED: Lessons Learned from a Grizzly Bear Attack

My friend, Dan Schilling of Hope, AK, was killed by a female grizzly without cubs a couple years ago while doing trail work. A discharged bear spray canister was found at the site. Give me a big handgun every time. Bear spray can only maybe deter, but not kill.
I may have missed it but any chance of getting a signed copy? I would really like to have that and to give one as a gift.
I may have missed it but any chance of getting a signed copy? I would really like to have that and to give one as a gift.
Damned fine question. I'll ask Jeremy for you. Likely have to wait until released and then make arrangements with you. Send me a PM with your details.
Carry a 454 Casull, nothing smaller or larger. Larger and it will be tough to get a second shot off while trying to maintain sight on the bear. I don't have the article in front of me. But in the early 80's Larry Kelly (famous handgunner) and his guide where in or next to their tent on river bank when a huge black bear charged them. They both emptied their firearms and reloaded. In all, I think the bear took about dozen rounds of large caliber hits at close range.

@BRICKBURN your friend is lucky to be alive.
I may have missed it but any chance of getting a signed copy? I would really like to have that and to give one as a gift.

Jeremy has given me permission to share his email with anyone interested in signed copies. PM me, if interested.
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The only time I was in Alaska I got bluff charged by a young grizzly because I was hogging his salmon pool. His eyes had all the intelligence an animal would need, totally evaluating me, and at that moment of the stare-down, I realized I had underestimated it. In 2017 I was hunting in the Adirondacks, and killed an enormous black bear at 20-25 yards. He had been shadowing me all day and had made one run at me already. A tiny branch intervened between the bullet and his neck that time. No room for a mistake the second time. I was over a mile from my tent and six miles from my truck, and he squares 7-2. Skull is 19-7/8. The ranger said he had to be one of the heaviest bears killed in New York, probably 550-600 lbs. I hate to think what would have happened had he closed with me. They are so enormously powerful. Anyone who survives an attack is Iron Man.
This remind me a lawful close case of a sheeper lady killed by a Borwn Bear in Tibet, I had investigated as zoologist ..... a lot of doubts. Are there any one who observed a bear or carnivore eats their trophy or carcass started from hip (all gone) but not belly (unopened)?
Bear spray is certainly good for the psyche of the wilderness visitor.
But a bear that attacks a human with determination can only be stopped by a suitable bullet.
In the Carpathians, accidents happen frequently and are not widely reported in order not to jeopardise the image of the dear Teddy. The EU has banned hunting!
Long nails stick out of the stable doors to prevent the bear from pushing the doors open.
Bear spray is not available there, but it is trusted:

Those extinguishers would be a good size to have available. Hard to pack them though!
Newest bear threat seems to be bears which have learned to associate a rifle shot with free meat and come a runnin'. A cowboy pastors parishioner went out alone in Montana, fairly close to home as hunts go. He was just starting to gut the elk when caught from behind by a grizzly that shook him, and then started eating elk. He was found next day, crawled off about 40 yards from the attack, frozen to death and perhaps of shock after the incident. His rifle was still leaned against the tree. Bears are learning some bad habits...
Bears have certainly learned some bad habits around here. Grizzly bears are no longer on the hunting menu and the attendant loss of fear of man is noticeable.
Will surely be a good read and a good way to support him. Thank goodness he survived to tell his story.
I think the average hunter or hiker would be more likely to deter a bear with spray than a gun. Unless you carry a big gun and really know how to use it spray would be my choice. My wife and I always carry the big can of spray when we are hiking here in Montana.
The trouble with spray is wind direction. Spray upwind & you’re incapacitated when the bear hits you, cross wind & you’ll likely miss your target. reaction time with either spray or firearm is the real problem, bears are spooky fast.
Hope none of us ever find out.
After seeing the initial images of some of Jeremy's injuries from his Grizzly attack I tend to get a head shaking chuckle out of the "attack" survivors that have a bandaged hand and are jabbering to the TV cameras.

I'm giving you FAIR WARNING.
Jeremy posted it publicly, so I thought I'd share it. Somehow, it lends to the gravity of the situation and the extent of the injuries he survived.
This Selfie, if you can believe that one, is shortly after the third attack. (Scroll down)


Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 16.27.23.png

After the initial hospital stay.
Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 16.27.38.png


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The surgeon was pissed off that he did not do a better job. I personally thanked him and said he did an amazing job.
Lots of follow up procedures, but I was amazed.

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