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Goodday Mr.JGRaider

Feel free to pop in and take a look at our website... We will also be at The Dallas Safari Club Convention, booth number #1858

Kowas Hunting Safaris operates from 17,000 acres of wildlife-only area, where you can find 21 diffrent species of plains game all of which are in ambundance... We have an 92% record of returning clients, which speaks for itself if we talk about quality service. As for trophy quality, in our 2012 hunting season our averages for Kudu were 53", for Oryx 36" and Springbuck 14.5", and Blue Wildebeest a average spread of 27".

We only take one hunting party at a time ensuring superb personal attention and quality service which will match value for money at all times.

Looking foward to meeting you at Dallas, its always a great experience to share your thoughts with likeminded people!
Kind Regards
Jacques Strauss
One thing I probably need to clarify when I reference a "high fence". In Texas a high fence is pretty much game proof fence that impedes entry and exit. An 8' wire mesh fence. I choose not to hunt in one and that's what I'm referring to in Africa.

JG, Some points to help understand:
In RSA the law and socioeconomic reality create a need for fences/farms.
Certificates of Adequate Enclosure (CAE's) are required to have particular game and non game animals. This also facilitates some landowner and hunting rights. CAE's effect the times of year you can hunt. RSA has hunting seasons, just like we do. If you have a CAE., the season gets "extended".
Some species are protected under TOPS and you require other permits to hunt them. ie. They are endangered/threatened etc.

If you want to hunt on a property that has Rhino (B&W), Elephant, Buffalo and Lion on it in RSA, there will be a fence in RSA.
Leopards and Warthog can be anywhere.
That fence helps to keep some things in and some things out. Sadly the fence has not stopped the Rhino poachers.

One thing that I used as a cross reference. Are the species you are after endemic to the area?
There are no Damara Dik Dik that live in KZN and no iNyala that lived in Namibia.

RSA's hunting industry is the most mature in development (market wise). To the point that species are being genetically manipulated to create "new" opportunities to hunt. Springbok are the most famous of this lot.

Namibia has plenty of plains game and dangerous game and the industry is still rising. The human population is not so large and the spaces are huge.

One my first hunt - 7 days:
I chose to hunt Kudu, Gemsbok, and Warthog in Namibia. Eland was a maybe.
It was low fence. 4 Strand barbed wire that I could hop myself without issue.
The conservancy is home to the largest free ranging Eland herd anywhere.

I saw a grand total of TWO Bull Kudu. I passed on them both, one for size and the other because I would not take the a poor shot opportunity.
I saw a grand total of ONE Gemsbok. I shot him. I sized him up and very luckily he was Rowland ward.
I saw at least eight monster Warthogs and tons of other Warthogs. I took a trophy. I should have taken more, in hind sight.

Eland was my first trophy and he was taken while on walk and stalk. An incredible trophy, not for size but because I spotted it first in that incredible bush.
I knew he was in a herd of 7 or 8, from trail cam pictures, but he was the only one that offered a shot and I took it after the PH answered my question about his size. I had not studied enough at that point to determine it myself.
This was the only shot opportunity.
The PH was very concerned that I was disappointed. Not in the least. It is what I expected to be.

Next- RSA, I hunted a huge property that was fenced. Four hunters were out everyday and we never saw each other or encountered the other parties during our hunt or heard them shoot. The PH's were very well coordinated and professional and helped each other out.
I saw a fence when we traveled through the entrance gates. Game was never restricted. They were restricted by the river on the property that would not slow a Mule Deer or Elk down but it seemed to stop the Kudu. The only reason might have been those Crocodiles in the water!

The Observers that were along for the ten days got to see so much game that some species actually became common and they did not even stop during drives when they were encountered.

Like Chris said, FENCED is NOT CANNED. It certainly could be.
Look at the properties and make sure that they meet the type of hunting you want to do.

Good luck.

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