Left Handed rifle for Safari


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Aug 26, 2012
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I've been trying to figure out what options there are for lefties on African hunts.
Seems like there's the Ruger African in 375 Ruger and CZ550 Magnum in 375 H&H.
Are there any other options out there for us backward folks who don't have an unlimited bankroll?

I'm really mostly looking at PG at this point up to Kudu, and am halfway tempted to just pick up a Ruger scout in 308, xs rail, and a 1x6 Bushnell scope and call it a day. I figure with heavy bullets that should be sufficient for anything I'd really intend to shoot. (real excuse for picking up that gun is to serve as a suppressor host)

I've always hunted with a Browning BAR in 7mm, so being a lefty didn't bother me much, but I figure I've got to get a lot of practice and get used to manipulating a bolt since semi's don't appear to be allowed in much of Africa.

Figure I can afford to shoot a lot more 308 than I could anything else as far as practicing goes, though I did get a left handed savage 22 also to practice with.
I have the same problem.

There is alot out there if you have time to look. I found this really cool Sauer 200-- in a 9.3x62 in Gander Mountain for 699 on the sale rack.


Sauer makes a great gun and I see 202 every now and again for around 1200 to 1300. alot of gun for the money!



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That is a beautiful Sauer. The 9.3 is making a comeback. What scope did you put on it.
That is a beautiful Sauer. The 9.3 is making a comeback. What scope did you put on it.

for some the 9.3`s never went away. the 9.3x62 and 9.3x74r are two of my favourites. if you like the ruger scout go for it, you sound like you have another plan for the rifle as well so get 2 for the price of 1 . the .308 will handle up to kudu no problem. i am waiting to get a quote on a scout in zambia, it will be painfull !!!!
The 308 will do anything you want up to Kudu out to about 250 yds and you will probably never shoot father than that. I feel it's a little light for eland way out there as my buddy shot one at 250+ and needed back up shots. Go for it, it'll do fine at less expence. He's a lefty also and picked up a SS Savage and has no regrets.
That is a beautiful Sauer. The 9.3 is making a comeback. What scope did you put on it.

It is a leupold VXIII 1.5x5 --and accurate as hell!

I have had a 9.3x62 for the better part of 10 years...my first was in a Blaser R93 love the round!!!
I have a left handed Ruger M77 that started off life as a .30-06. I got it re-barreled to 9.3x62, which is possible since the case sizes are so similar. It cost less than $300 to do and is a great rifle: very accurate and very hard hitting. It's a little bit of a pain to deal with re-barreling it, but I think it was a worthwhile investment. I recently took it to Zimbabwe and had an excellent safari with it: cape buffalo, non-trophy elephant, impala, and zebra.
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