Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

Without a doubt on Kudu and Gemsbok.
I would be cautious on Eland, but with an excellent shot window into the the boiler room....
For sure. My son hunted a blue wildebeest with. 243.
Shoot good bullets and pick your shot
I've shot blue and black wildebeest, red hartebeest, kudu, Hartmann's mountain zebra and waterbuck (to name just the larger critters) with the 6,5x55 with good 140-grain bullets with no problems whatsoever. I've shot a bunch of critters with the 7x57 as well, up to kudu and wildebeest.

Eland is probably too much of a step up, but many of them have been shot over the years with the 7x57. Good bullets and good shot placement are essential here, just as they always are.

The 6,5 Swede worked well, and the 7x57 should be at least as well, if not better. I would stick to 160-175 grain quality bullets.
I would not hesitate to use a .275 Rigby/7x57 or similar cartridges with high quality bullets on any plains game. We’ve shot kudu, sable, zebra, topi, elk and Alaska Moose with a .270, nearly all were 1-shot kills, so a .275 Rigby is something I’d feel perfectly comfortable using on plains game.
I’d shoout either a Nosler Partition (which is what most of the aforementioned were shot with) or Accubond, Trophy Bonded Bearclaw, Swift A frame or Scirocco, Barnes TSX or TTSX without hesitation.
….even on an Eland.
The reason I ask is that I am wondering if a Rigby Highland Stalker might be in my future? Maybe.
You NEED a good 275 Rigby, and soon, Kevin. Can't you feel it in your water? A moderately weighted, suitably sighted 275, shooting 175 grain Woodleigh, or something similar. Been successful in Africa for well over a Century. We await your confirmation of placement of an order...
Short answer yes. Would prefer a .308 calibre. Not for Eland.
I’d prefer the Highland Stalker in 30 Rigby (y) far better choice.
The reason I ask is that I am wondering if a Rigby Highland Stalker might be in my future? Maybe.
Hurry up Kevin and then bring it here ...been wanting to meet you :A Thumbs Up: :D Beers: . Make sure though to do what Joe @Red Leg had done when his was built. Rigby made sure it was sorted for using the heavier bullets up to 175 grn...
And Kevin as you saw on your name your rifle thread , I used my m98 7x57 with sako 156grn on that old sable to christen it ( have some 170 grn sako bullets now but not tried them out) . It works very well...only problem is its so much fun to shoot you go through ammo like its a .22lr....:X3:
Very suitable cartridge - I’ve used 270 on everything but eland (waterbuck, kudu, wildebeest, warthog, gemsbok, Nyala) - I ended up using a 243 on sable - not my first choice but I was using a camp rifle and waited for a clean frontal shot. Split the heart in 2 and dropped where he was standing. I really like the A frame and Partitions - good shot placement and you’ll have zero issues. Would I use a 7x57 / 275 on eland - yes, but not on a quartering shot. I do hope you get the highland stalker - what a beautiful rifle….
Kevin, we load 175 gr A-Frames and they work very well. The rifle was named ‘bliksem’ after 7 one shot kills in Zim, including zebra and blue wildebeest. It has also accounted for kudu, elk and a few truckloads of deer. I think a HS in .275 would be a wonderful complement to your double.
Have any of you bought a Highland Stalker recently? I believe they come standard with grade 5 walnut. Does it come up on polishing, or is it worth investing in their London finish?

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