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  • Giraffe Camp Hunting Accommodation Pro Hunting Safaris
    I hunted there too. Beautiful area. brian
  • Botswana Lion Hunt
    I really love these vintage hunting photos. Understanding the difficulties involved and lack of support compared to the modern safari, these gentlemen and their clients had a real adventurous spirit. I look at the equipment used, transport options, accommodations even the clothes they wore. Old...
  • Harry Manners with a 95-pounder-Limpopo, Mozambique
    If I remember correctly (and please correct me if I am wrong) Harry Manners main big game rifle was a Winchester Model 70 in 375H&H.
    If this is correct, he has shown what the cartridge can do in the hands of a skilled hunter, and this most probably would have been without the premium...
  • Verney Carron Azure 470NE Rifle
    Nice double, I just ordered the exact same thing
  • Muskox Hunt Nunavut Canada
    Outstanding. Congratulations.