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Last Thursday, Dec. 7th. I went to Cabela's just to kill some time. While there, I saw that the Gun Library was open. It had been closed for almost three years. Sitting on the shelf was a CZ 550 in 458 Lott. My immediate thoughts were that this is a "Safe Queen" if there ever was one. I mean not a mark on it. The asking price was $1,199.00. The salesman told me that Cabela's was selling all of their firearms at a 10% discount till Christmas. But then he mentioned that on Monday the 11th everything in the store would be getting another 10% knocked off it. Then he mentioned their Veteran's discount of 5%. I could hardly wait for Monday to get here. After all of the discounts I bought it for $899.00.

Now I need to locate some brass either once fired or new, bullets and dies so I can make up some dummy rounds to determine if the rifle has any function and or feeding problems. Anticipating that it may need a little tweaking, I've already contacted Tim at Matrix Gunsmithing for potential costs and timing. The sixty four dollar question is . . . . . . Do any of you 458 Lott owners have brass and or bullets for sale? If so, please PM me to arrange for payment and shipping information.
If it will make you feel better I’ll pay you $900 for it right now!

Holy cow, that's a heckuva deal! I'm curious, which Cabelas store has had their Gun Library closed for three years? Our local one has been opened back up for quite some time (Allen, Texas).
The Dundee, Michigan store. Michigan was locked up tighter than a drum for Covid. Texas as I recall was wide open.
The Dundee, Michigan store. Michigan was locked up tighter than a drum for Covid. Texas as I recall was wide open.
Ah, I see. And yes, we were opened back up pretty early on.
Congrats. That's a great deal. Sometimes CZ 550s in 458 Lott have feeding issues, however I'm sure that Matrix will get that all sorted and you'll have rifle capable of taking anything you want.

Components shouldn't be a problem. Hornady still makes 458 Lott brass, all be it only in batches. Woodleigh is getting back up again and is currently doing a run of 458 calibre projectiles. Barnes etc also make 458 bullets.
WOW, what an outstanding deal. Another excellent Christmas present. Congrats.
Now, what scope you’re going to put on it? Oh, and where are the pictures?? No pictures, it didn’t happen. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
The Dundee, Michigan store. Michigan was locked up tighter than a drum for Covid. Texas as I recall was wide open.

Art, you should send your Governor a Christmas card/thank you card and let her know that due to her overly restrictive COVID restrictions, you were able to score a heck of a deal on a high powered rifle.

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