How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

Congrats to you and your dad! The window and truck can be fixed. The memories you and your dad have are priceless.
You are 100% correct. The truck goes in to get fixed the day after tomorrow and I am already over it. It's just another funny story to add to my repertoire! It was so fun to see my 77 year old Dad get the shakes after the moose was down...he had to get his 50 year old little boy to notch out his tag for him! Lol.
It has been pretty good this year.

In September I started out on a 3-4 week adventure where I had one muzzle loader deer tag and my brother in law having a spike elk tag along with a Colorado deer tag.

We started out great where I managed to pick up this deer. I posted the story in another thread so I won't go into it here.


We were then off on a spike elk hunt in Utah's Book Cliffs.

We found a unique spike elk that had a piebald hide. We nicknamed him whitey and set up plans to get him on opening morning. Sadly there were a few other hunters that knew of him also. We were set up waiting when another hunter saw him first and dropped him before we saw him. So much for great plans. A couple of nights later my brother in law sliced open a couple of fingers with a knife to the point that he should of got some stitches but he just wrapped them up. The next morning he called off the hunt. I told him that I'd drive him down to the nearest hospital where he could get fixed up but he said no. That ended our spike elk hunt.

After a week we headed off on his Colorado deer hunt. The migration where we were hunting was about 2-3 weeks behind schedule and we were just seeing small bucks. On the second day he said that he was going to call it on Monday morning. I told him that there was other country that we could check out but he was discouraged and I think just wanted to go home.

On Sunday night we took a drive and on out way back out he spotted a buck. After falling down and under a guard rail, then getting back up and over it he managed to bag his buck. It wasn't the biggest but it was far from the smallest. The only problem that we had with it was that it was a hundred yards from the road on a very steep hill, and he has a hard time hiking on anything except gentle grades. We managed to get the buck up to the truck and loaded up and then back to camp in the dark.

He was a pretty happy hunter with his deer.


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Nice caribou what hunt was it?
General hunt on the porcupine herd. Float plane out of fairbanks dropped about 30 miles east of arctic village on the south side of the Brooks in the refuge.
This hunt was my son's dream. Took 3 trips to put it together properly.
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I waited 13 years to get my draw for a Pronghorn in southern Alberta. This wasn't as nice as the one I was originally after, but that one had been dodging me for hours and was likely worked up quite badly anyway. This one was an animal of opportunity, and he had just got up from a nap. I'm sure he'll be much tastier!
Well done, nothing wrong w getting venison in the freezer early in the season. Good check!!!
Brother and I doubled up the other day. Same stand, no more than 10min apart. I’ve got the hams off the top one in the slow cooker with onions, garlic, potatoes, and carrots now.

Had one of the best years I've had in some time. Took 5 weeks off shift and did my 5th back pack Stone sheep hunt, and my annual moose hunt ( moose ex 2019).
Long story short 1 x 40 inch Stone sheep. ( 394 yards with a 7mm sako) 10 years in the making!
9 Bull moose, largest being just under 60 inches.
The young fellow on the right with the big bull, was his first moose hunt & bull.





Damn nice sheep
Damn nice sheep
Thanks 10 years and 5 trips, and at 56 I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to cut that tag. …..
It was tough 3 days up the mountain on foot, 4 days at elevation, and 3 days out.
There a moments that I actually cant believe I got him.
I invited a old neighbor of mine from close to Fort Hood out with me to hunt some does last weekend. He hasn’t hunted much at all, so it was fun and a real honor for me to get him out and get his hands (and new Jeep!) bloody. This gentleman has served for 33 years, and has over 500 missions in an Apache. 72 months in combat. He’s also just a great guy. I really want to get him on some trophy animals in the next few years.

Daughter Got a nice bear this spring. I got the moose opening day and topped off with a stone sheep in September

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