How far did you track your buffalo?

Listen VBE, before it is too late, get a pair of the new Courteneys with the boxed toe compartment.
I was wearing Courteney Selous during that hunt. I don't know if that is what you refer to?

In any case I have another pair of Courteney's as well now, so I'll be able to alternate.
I had to quit wearing shorts after two days of thorn bushes.

My arms were bad enough...

1st Buffalo in Zambezi Valley, early September total 14 miles: Days 1 and 2 about 5 - 7 miles of tracking before busted or wind. Day 3, buffalo crossed track in front of us and we dumped out of the Defender. 1 to 2 miles later the shot at 60 yards, he went about 40 yards, dropped and bellowed.

Note on my last day I shot a kudu, poor shot, we tracked it for 6 hours before finishing it off. I suspect we walked 10 - 15 miles on that followup.

2nd Buffalo in Niassa Province, late October total 40 - 45 miles. Days 1 - 3 were plains game. Days 4 - 10 we averaged 6-7 miles per day although two of them were closer to 10 or 12 miles. On Day 11, the buffalo crossed the track in front of us (see a theme here?). We tracked them for 2 miles, the laid down. 30 minutes later, he stood up, shot, and 100 yards later caught up with them and finished him.
All of the above.... Some really long, some short.
Worst/longest was Lord Derby Eland - 9 days, average 15 miles per day and had 22 miles on the last day. Got him on day 9. Hard hunt but worth every step. My wife did every step with us.
Buffalo... +/- 45km
Eland... Double that!
First Buffalo

End of April 3 1/2 days of hard tracking and walking didnt connect.
Went back later in the year August first morning after about 3 hours tracking and stalking connected finally same area.

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