Herd Reduction Hunt - Archery hunters needed!

Discussion in 'DEALS & OFFERS' started by TOM, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I am pleased to announce a great archery hunting opportunity. Louis Van Bergen with Spiral Horn Safaris has contacted me with a great hunt offer for bowhunters. A recent game count revealed that his property is getting close to a 都ituation with impala ewes?e has way too many. Seriously.

    I am offering this special in an archery only area. The terms are pretty simple.

    10 day hunt
    3 Impala Ewes (females) - FREE
    2 Warthog females - FREE
    $300 daily rate

    Obviously you could hunt any additional trophy animals at current trophy fee prices. This hunt will be 1x1 and take place in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Please see below for a list of full details pursuant to forum guidelines.

    Dates available: May 1-10, July 8-17, August 8-17, September 15-24 2011

    State or Country of Hunt location: Limpopo Province, South Africa

    Name of concession, ranch or wildlife area: Private game ranch owned by Spiral Horn Safaris

    Primary Animal to be hunted: Impala Ewes, warthog females, other animals per price list

    Price: $3,000 USD

    How Many Actual Hunting days: 8 full days hunting.

    Costs and options, if any, for transport from nearest commercial airport to include charter if necessary: Free road transport

    Lodging, Meals, Guide fee's included: All ammenities includede.

    Any Trophy Fee's associated with hunt offered: None but trophy animals can be added per price list.

    Available Dates:May 1-10, July 8-17, August 8-17, September 15-24 2011

    Optional Animals available for harvest: Many per price list.
    Trophy fee for this/ these animals: See website for more details.

    Any Additional costs not included in hunt price i.e., dip/pac, VAT, Gov't or conservation fees, taxes, etc. if applicable: Taxidermy and dip and ship are responsibility of client.

    Are you a Booking Agent: Yes

    Are you the outfitter: No

    Outfitter Name: Spiral Horn Safaris

    P.H.'s name: Louis van Bergen
    References Available include AH references, if possible: Yes, members of AH have hunted with outfitter

    Website: www.spiralhorn.co.za
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    Tom, what a fantastic deal

    P.S looking forward to meeting you later in the year

    Best regards

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