HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS hunting/trailcam pictures and hunting/tour updates

woza 2024!

our here is off to a busy start, its booking season!

Thank you for all the messages and emails and bookings we are going to have a busy season but we have a few more selected openings for cull and trophy hunts,

please contact us for more info and dates!

our new website is live and any feedback would be much appreciated

Thank you for the kind word about the website we are going to make it even better soon with more pictures and videos

We have had some good summer rains and the game is in excellent condition we are very thankful!

here below is a list of dates that we have available for the 2024 season

Gents here is update on dates available for this year, thank you for all the bookings so far this year we will hunt 3 buffalo 7 sable and many trophy and cull packages, we are also looking to 2025 and have good inquiries and booking already for 2025

Available dates

Feb open

1-3 march

25-31 march

1-3 April

7-12 April

16-17 April

7-31 May

1-19 junie

3-10 Jul

7- 22 aug

17 -30 September

October open

1-7 November
Getting some fishing done before we start getting real busy with the hunting,

We can easily ad a day for bass fishing from kayaks on the Taung dam about 30 minutes drive from our main camp!

Hi here is update on availability for 2024 thank you for all the bookings the last week!

Available dates

Feb open

27-31 march

7-31 May

7- 22 aug

17 -30 September

October open

1-7 November
Getting some maintenance done before the season , fixing some water supply for game

Available dates for 2024

7-21 August
15-30 September
October is wide open
1-7 November
20-30 November

Thank you Gents for the Support we are fully booked until 7th of August!
its been a busy few weeks here on the Hunting area, we are doing a bunch of maintenance to the camp!

we also culled a buffalo with a Local client that was causing some problems around the hunting area and also genetically he did not fit in with the buffalo trophy quality that we are managing for,

took 6 shots t take down this Bull he had allot of fight in him!


Made an overflow for the dam that supplies water to game in dry season!

Management of game populations is never easy nor cheap we had a great loss when we found this bull dead killed by another bull in a fight, this bull could have been a massive trophy well over 40 inches and could have brought an income to the hunting area of well over $10000

Our maintenance before the hunting season is going well we added new walk way lights to the Wildgoose lodge!

We have been busy cutting firebreaks snd getting the camp ready

Here is a video of us getting a Wildebees for camp meat , first clients arrive this Monday!

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I'll be following your post here on AH and your Facebook page to keep up with hunts, animals, and landscape/ terrain. In prep for my hunts with you in 2025.
I'll be following your post here on AH and your Facebook page to keep up with hunts, animals, and landscape/ terrain. In prep for my hunts with you in 2025.
Thank you we are looking forward to hunting with you!

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