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May 2, 2019
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I am a US citizen living on the countryside of Germany for the next year or so and would love to continue hunting while I am here. I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and could help with the laws and how a US citizen can hunt here without having to take the full German „Jagd Schein“. Anything will help and look forward to your responses.

Thank in advance
Hunter L. Deckard
Where are you located ?
When you get an (rare) Invitation from a concessionholder, or Government Forest ,you get normally a "Tagesjagdschein-Daily Hunting License"
valid 14 days from the special office,so called Landratsamt(district office ? ),Untere Jagdbehörde.
When you are in the army ,it seems easier to handle your gun.
The storage regulations are very strict in D.
Tell us more and Im looking forward to help you.
Living there, I am sure you have discovered there is no such thing as “public land”. You would have to be invited, and as Foxi suggests, developing those sorts of relationships with revier owners is difficult and takes time. Much like developing a relationship with a lease holder here, except they are far fewer, and you have a cultural divide to overcome as well. Then you would have to know your way around the bureaucracy to obtain a temporary license. All of that is a pretty steep hill to climb.

In your situation, and assuming you aren’t military, it is likely your best option would be to book a hunt through one of the outfitter’s who specialize in European hunting. For instance, i’ll Be hunting boar and roe deer in Austria in September, and am using Bob Kern’s The Hunting Consortium. It is not a cheap solution, but it is a solution. Obviously, they handle permits and the like and at least you won’t have an airfare bill. (y)
Hello! Thank you both for all your help already. Im not sure what a concessionholder is but I may know one. ich lebe in der Nähe von Nauen, Brandenburg. Ich Arbeit auch hier, und meine Chef hat einen freund der ein Jäger ist. I know he leases a bunch of land and from what I’ve
Understood then people come and hunt the animals the he needs to harvest.
Ask the Stadtförster(forestranger of the town Nauen) mr. Meyer im Rathaus (cityhall) der Stadt Nauen
cellphone: 0174/ 38 785 54
so he can help you .
Its a first step,than we will see.
I contacted Herr Meyer yesterday. He was very helpful and gave me the number of the Amt that issues the permits. So I will call Monday and hopefully get started! Thanks all again!

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